All-Time No-Hitters List

Below is a running list of I-75 League no-hitters, beginning with Steve Comer’s gem for Applegate in our inaugural year of 1980, through the no-no fired by Superior’s Jake Arrieta in August of 2016. (No-hitter missing from the list? Contact Gary Kicinski.)

Year Team Pitcher Score, Opponent
April 2019 Dyersville Nathan Eovaldi 7-0, Superior
March 2018 Satellite Beach Alex Cobb 3-0, Tatooine
March 2018 Margaritaville Lamet, Delgardo, Soria 12-0, Boulder
August 2016 Superior Jake Arrieta 6-0, Bushwood
April 2016 Springfield Clayton Kershaw 15-0, Dyersville
July 2015 Applegate Tim Hudson 6-0, Hickory*
April 2012 Iowa Ricky Romero Michigan
April 2012 Springfield Clayton Kershaw 2-0, Bushwood
March 2012 Hickory Jeremy Hellickson 8-0, Springfield
April 2001 Hickory Zito, Weathers, Hoffman 5-0, Springfield
June 1993 Tropical Mark Langston 5-1, Detroit
April 1992 Ansbach Pete Harnisch Washington
March 1992 Tropical Nolan Ryan Ansbach
August 1991 Ansbach Jose Rijo Vlasic
May 1989 Michigan Orel Hershiser 4-0, Chicago
June 1988 Ansbach Jimmy Key 6-0, Bismarck
July 1986 Applegate Sid Fernandez Michigan
May 1986 Washington Mark Gubicza 5-1, Bismarck
September 1983 Vlasic Don Sutton 11-0, Mennen
May 1980 Applegate Steve Comer 8-0, Bismarck

* Perfect game

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