Steve Bizek

Steve Bizek

Steve Bizek

Name:  Steve Bizek
I-75 League team name: Bismarck Bombers
Birthdate: March 14, 1958
Currently resident of: South Lyon, Mich.
Birthplace: Detroit, Mich.
Family: Wife Kathy, children Stephanie and Keith
Occupation: Sales Representatative
Employer: Jet’s Pizza
Job title: Delivery driver
In plain English, what do you do: Transport product throughout a large portion of Western Wayne County…with emphasis on speed, efficiency, and 100% customer satisfaction. Also have some production and managerial duties.
Real-life MLB team you are a fan of: Detroit Tigers
Year first joined the I-75 League: 1977
Year first started playing Strat: 1980
How you first were introduced to Strat: Kitchen table of Gerry Yurko. I picked an all-star team…he used his drafted team… (I won handily)… reminded me of All-Star Baseball… a “spin the arrow” game I played as a grade schooler.
How you became part of the I-75 League: Gerry…Ken Kuzdak and Gary Kicinski invited me into their local Strat League…forming a foursome.
Origin of your team name: Wanted a northern-sounding city…Bismarck and Bizek similar…Bombers a nickname of an already famous MLB team.
Any Strat involvement outside the I-75 League? none
Fondest  I-75 League memory (related to Strat competition): Fell over and broke fellow manager Mike Renbarger’s chair on a 1-19 roll in a crucial moment of a Bismarck/Michigan Drifter game played in Ft. Wayne, Indiana… Bismarck’s Alvin Davis rolled the 20.
Fondest I-75 League convention moment:  Larry Pittman firing the busboy when he tried to interrupt our draft in the Lani Kai dining room…Larry had just bought the Lani Kai at Ft. Myers Beach.
Favorite I-75 League tradition: Pilfering a grapefruit or two from the grapefruit orchards at Vero Beach.
Trade or draft pick you made that you wish you could have back:  Traded Reggie Jackson to get Rick Miller
Trade or draft pick you made in which you think you hit a homer:  Still looking for that “round-tripper.”
One thing you would do to improve the league: I-75…as it stands now…need no major improvement(s).
How to follow you: Website, Blog,  Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…possibly in the future
Your chance to self-promote:
How you can be reached:

2 Responses

  1. That 20 roll on the HR 1-19 that Alvin Davis rolled was a triple, BTW.

    That was in our Commuter Series phase, when the Bombers would make the annual trip to Fort Wayne between 1984 and 1988 to play face-to-face. Ah, the memories!

  2. That Lani Kai draft sure was a hoot, highlighted by the infamous Pittman crack. If only I hadn’t left my newly drafted team on the table when it was all over, I would not have had to root through the garbage can in the Lani Kai kitchen to retrieve the cards.

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