2014 World Series champ Garth Lewis gets his trophy

Unable to attend the I-75 League’s 36th convention to receive his trophy, Garth Lewis was presented his hardware in Dallas recently.

Garth celebrated his third World Series crown in 10 years in 2014. He’s shown here surrounded by the trophy and 2014 plaques for his North Division championship and the World Series championship.

Three-time World Series champion Garth Lewis.

Three-time World Series champion Garth Lewis.

Photos from 36th annual convention!

Check out some of the action from Draft Central during the 36th annual I-75 League draft, held March 5-10, 2015 in Kissimmee, Fla.

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For videos, check out the post below this one.

Best draft ever, 36th year running! Check out post-draft video recap

In a record time of four hours and 40 minutes, including a 33-minute pizza break, the I-75 League kicked off its 36th year with an 18-round draft on March 7, with eight managers selecting at Draft Central in Kissimmee, Fla., and seven more making choices remotely. Chatfield manager Phil Roselli opened the affair with the expected selection of Chicago White Sox slugger Jose Abreu, and South Grand Prairie wrapped it up with Mr. Irrelevant, Aaron Hicks. The season game file with updated rosters has been distributed, so check out your rosters and get ready to start your March games. Updated rosters will appear on the league Web site here over the next few days, but for now you can rely on the draft grid plus the winter rosters. After the draft we conducted post-mortem interviews with managers on site in Florida. Part One features recaps with managers Phil Roselli, Ken Crawford and part of an an interview with Mike Renbarger; subsequent videos feature individual interviews with Mike Renbarger, Mark Gergel, Dave Renbarger, Gary Kicinski, Steve Hart and John Renbarger.






2016 divisional alignments selected

Per the league constitution, our divisions were redrawn on March 6, prior to the start of our 36th season. The alignment takes effect for the 2016 season. Teams were randomly pulled from a hat. The results are:

North Division

South Division
South Grand Prairie

West Division
Satellite Beach
Boulder* (formerly known as Iowa)

Iowa has decided to rename its club the Boulder Tree-huggers, effective immediately.

With just hours to go, presenting the consensus Mock Draft!

With just hours to go before our 36th annual I-75 League draft, the managers in attendance in Kissimmee came up with this consensus mock draft.

1. Chatfield: 1B Jose Abreu. Best player available.

2. Michigan: 3B/OF Josh Harrison. Because manager Ken Crawford is a big Beatles fan.

3. Hickory: P Masahiro Tanaka. Best upside.

4. Superior: SS/CF Danny Santana. Fills two needs.

5. Springfield: 1B Steve Pearce. The lock of the draft.

6. Destin: OF J.D. Martinez. Club needs offense.

7. Chatfield: P Jake Arrieta. The rebuilding begins. Needs pitching desperately.

8. Applegate: OF Joc Pedersen. Best non-pitching prospect.

9. Bushwood: OF George Springer. Great power vs. righties.

10. Chatfield: P Carlos Carrasco. The rebuilding continues. Still needs pitching desperately.

11. Margaritaville: OF Gregory Polanco. Prospecting.

12. Margaritaville: OF Jorge Soler. More prospecting.

13. Bismarck: RP Dellin Betances. Best available.

14. South Grand Prairie: SP Collin McHugh. Desperate for starting pitching.

15. Chatfield: P Jacob deGrom. All of a sudden Chatfield is back in contention after three stud pitchers and the best available hitter in one round. And the Choos own pick No. 16 too.