Meet our three new managers

Jeff Richards, Ryan Renbarger and Jason Renbarger.

Jeff Richards, Ryan Renbarger and Jason Renbarger.

Our three new managers have deep connections to the I-75 League.

Ryan and Jason Renbarger are sons of Mike Renbarger, nephews to Dave Renbarger and brothers to John Renbarger. They join the league as Strat novices, but grew up in a house where Strat was constantly in the air.

Jeff Richards has connections to Detroit (born there), University of Michigan (MBA in Finance and IT) and current managers Mark Gergel and Ken Crawford, having participated in a fantasy baseball league with them. In addition, Jeff once worked for Mark many years ago.

Jeff now is vice president of engineering at RelationEdge in Atlanta, and lives in Villa Rica, Ga., just west of Atlanta. Hence his club’s name: The West Atlanta Crush. He is married with two grown children.

Ryan Renbarger is still in college at Iowa State, but graduates this spring and has a job lined up as a chemical process engineer at Ajinomoto North America of Eddyville, Iowa.  He chose Dyersville — home of “Field of Dreams” — for his team’s location out of his desire to represent Iowa, and Treblemakers as a nod to his musical interests.

Jason Renbarger is a recent graduate of Iowa State in mechanical engineering, presently looking for an engineering job. His New New York Hypnotoads name is a tribute to the TV show Futurama.

Learn more about all three of our new managers on their profile pages.

Dispersal Draft divvies up dynamic diamond dynamos

These new managers drafted like they knew what they were doing.

All three of the new entrants to the I-75 League — Ryan Renbarger, Jason Renbarger and Jeff Richards — have something to look forward to for the 2016 season as they skillfully picked apart the vacated franchises of Chatfield, Hickory and Wisconsin on Jan. 2 in the 2015-16 Dispersal Draft.

Ryan’s Dyersville Treblemakers landed Diamondbacks centerfielder A.J. Pollock with the first overall pick, the first of six outfielders the club would secure. Jason’s New New York Hypnotoads went for Mets fireballer Jacob deGrom with the second pick, the first step in winning the battle for best starting pitching staff. Jeff’s West Atlanta Crush snagged White Sox strikeout artist Chris Sale with the third pick, but then went on a mission to land the best available defensive players in the pool.

When it was all said and done in less than an hour, the three clubs crystalized into distinctive units that appeared to take shape as the result of specific strategies.

The clubs chose 18 players off the collective rosters of the Choo-Choos, Nuts and Warhawks, as well as a draft position vacated by those franchises. West Atlanta jumped on the Nuts’ position with the 16th overall pick in the sixth round, and the Hypnotoads followed suit immediately with the Warhawks’ position. That left Dyersville stuck with Chatfield’s last-pick-in-every-round position.

Nineteen players were chosen from Wisconsin’s roster; 18 from Hickory and 17 from Chatfield.  Each of the three clubs landed four solid starting pitchers, which puts them in a better position than some of the league’s 12 legacy teams. Here are some other notes about how things shook out: Continue reading