Four rule proposals enacted that take effect in 2019

The I-75 League will switch to Maximum Level rules for its 40th season in one of two big changes enacted by managerial vote in early December.

Nineteen rule proposals were on the ballot but only four were passed. After a history of playing with Super Advanced Rules, the league will switch to Maximum Level rules for 2019 for the first time, with only “bunt for a base hit” enabled among the many Max Rules options:

The switch to Maximum Level also brings balks/wild pitches/passed ball ratings back into play after the league had not utilized those features in recent years. The rule was voted in on a trial basis and expires after the 2019 season unless a new vote is passed to extend it or amend it.

Another rule of significant impact voted in was the application of a 105% rule in setting at-bat and innings pitched limits for all players. Previously players were limited to their actual at-bat or innings pitched totals, except for hitters who had attained 550 ABs or 600 plate appearances — those players had been unlimited. But not any longer. So tracking of all players’ limits throughout the season will be required, which potentially will lead to more “saving at-bats” situations, player substitutions, longer games, yada yada.

Who benefits? All pitchers and all hitters with less than 550 at-bats, as they get an extra 5% tacked on. The more at-bats or innings pitched you have, the more you get added on. Continue reading

Meet new manager Luke Walsh

Luke Walsh is about to undergo some big changes in his life.

He’s days away from completing his undergraduate degree at Iowa State in civil engineering, having taken the scenic route through college (5 1/2 years to complete his studies). The Iowan will be moving to the Denver area to take a job with WSB Engineering, where he will be designing community areas.

Luke Walsh

Luke Walsh

Why not throw in joining a Strat league?

Luke, 24, joins the I-75 League in time for our 40th season. He’ll replace Kevin Gergel, manager of the East Cobb Juice, who dropped out after one year due to other time commitments.

Luke is a big sports fan, particularly the NFL and MLB, and has become an active fantasy player. So active that he’s even launched a fantasy football podcast (Fantasy Blueballs — listen on Soundcloud, Google Play, or Apple podcasts). He participated in drumline at Iowa State, where he met Dyersville manager Ryan Renbarger and got his introduction to Strat-O-Matic.

In addition to playing and listening to music, Luke also enjoys other forms of entertainment, including movies, and his selection of a team name — the Greendale Zealots — is a hat tip to two of his interests. Greendale comes from the television show Community, which was set on the campus of a fictional Greendale Community College and aired on NBC and Yahoo! for six seasons. Zealots is a reference to a song off the album of one of Luke’s favorite artists, Childish Gambino.

Judging from the photo he passed along above, he’s also a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

With all that going on, who has time for classes???

Luke’s baseball loyalties reside with the St. Louis Cardinals, and his fondest memory dates way back to the 2011 World Series, and particularly to David Freese’s Game Six heroics.

His present-day faves include pitcher Carlos Martinez and outfielder Harrison Bader. “CarMart unfortunately can’t seem to shake injury troubles, but when he is healthy and on he’s a blast to watch and can throw with the best of them,” says Luke. “Bader is hard-working and has the grit, attitude and talent to be a strong point of the team for years to come. Really looking forward to his growth.”

We’ll be looking forward to Luke’s growth as a novice Strat manager as well. Welcome to the I-75 league!