Gary Kicinski

Name: Gary Kicinski
I-75 League team name:
Applegate Paperclips
July 24, 1957
Currently resident of:
Alexandria, Va.
Detroit, Mich.
Wife Kate, son Andrew (age 25)
Transport Topics
Job title:
Managing Editor/Multiplatform
In plain English, what do you do: Run the Website ( for the only weekly newspaper covering the trucking and freight transportation industry.
Real-life MLB team you are a fan of:
Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals
Years in the I-75 League:
29 (1980-1999; 2004-present)
Years playing Strat:
How you first were introduced to Strat:
Saw an ad in Baseball Digest and sent away for a brochure.
How you became part of the I-75 League:
After graduating from Michigan, I went off to a job in Burlington, Vt., and Dave went off to the Tampa Times. Dave found a few guys in the Tampa area who played, and we decided to form a nine-player league with those guys and my old friends in Detroit who played, plus Dave’s brother Mike, who was still at Michigan.
Origin of your team name:
I made it up back in high school when Ken Kuzdak and Gerry Yurko and I were playing 40-game summer leagues. I just liked the symmetry of having two three-syllable words, and a nickname that could be shortened (Paperclips to ‘Clips).
Any Strat involvement outside the I-75 League?
Fondest  I-75 League memory (related to Strat competition):
Tim Raines stealing 195 bases for the Clips in 1982, a record that will never be broken. Did you know he played second base back then? The Clips finished 71-89 that year. Winning the 2015 World Series is my proudest accomplishment, guiding a team that was 15-30 at one point to a team that finished 97-63, and then came back from a 3-1 deficit to the vaunted Chatfield Choo-Choos to capture the series crown.
Fondest I-75 League convention moment:
Picking just one is like being asked to say which child of yours is your favorite. But I’ll never forget the Shadow Bay draft of 1991 (moo!), the year that Strat was behind in printing its cards, and we all headed to the convention without any of us having seen the cards we were about to draft. Strat held its Opening Day on Wednesday, March 6, in Glen Head just before our draft, and we persuaded Gerry to go there and buy three sets and FedEx them to Larry Pittman, so we had cards to look over before the draft and to use for playing early games. That showed how serious we were and how committed even an ex-manager at the time was (Gerry) to seeing that we had a successful convention.
Favorite I-75 League tradition:
We don’t do it any more, but nothing beat that moment when everyone wrote down their first-round pick on index cards and the announcements were read one-by-one.  Every player was eligible to be taken by every team, so you waited to hear how many other teams also wanted the guy you wanted. There was so much kibitzing and strategizing for that moment. You had to decide whether to go for the obvious top player and risk losing him in a rolloff or bid-off, or to go after a secondary player who could slide through uncontested. It was a moment of drama that kept us excited about all winter.
Trade or draft pick you made that you wish you could have back:
Drafted Oscar Gamble with my first pick in the first draft. Yep, chose to build a franchise around a DH.
Trade or draft pick you made in which you think you hit a homer:
Pretty sure I got Dan Haren from Mike R. for Eddie Guardado. Also dealt my closer, Greg Holland, at the 2015 trade deadline for Ken Giles, who had 46 unused, nearly unhittable innings, who helped me to the playoffs. Holland got hurt, finished with a terrible season and was unretainable. 
One thing you would do to improve the league:
Get everyone to be courteous enough to respond promptly to e-mails and not wait to the very end of the month to even begin a discussion about getting a series played.
How to follow you: Website, Blog,  Facebook, Twitter…

Your chance to self-promote: Not my style… actually I just don’t have anything at the moment.
How you can be reached:
E-mail me at

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