Great moments in Strat: Game 160 Clips-Senators showdown, 1983

Face-to-face action is always exciting, but usually it occurs at the beginning of the season when many of us are gathered for the annual convention.

Rare is the instance when face-to-face action takes place in the season’s final month, with a playoff berth on the line. But that was the case in 1983, when the Applegate Paperclips and Washington Senators hooked up in a 10-game series with fourth place at stake. After Game 7, Applegate needed to win just one of the three remaining games to advance to the playoffs, but the plucky Senators recorded wins in Games 8 and 9.

Game 10 was scoreless through four innings before the offenses came to life. Dale Murphy’s grand slam gave Washington a 4-0 lead; Applegate battled back and tied the contest in the bottom of the eighth.

In the top of the ninth, Washington got a two-run homer from Kent Hrbek and an insurance run on an RBI double by Gorman Thomas to take a 7-4 lead. As the Clips got out of the top of the ninth and came to bat for what could be their final three outs of the season, the tension was palpable.

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Historic stats unearthed!

During some spring cleaning today I came across a floppy disk containing some treasured data:

A complete set of statistics — compiled in year-by-year fashion as well as 20-year totals, for all players, and all teams during the I-75 Strat-O-Matic League’s total redraft era.

These stats were painstakingly compiled by Mike Renbarger in the era before the game was computerized, meaning he had to enter in by hand every player’s stat line and every team’s stat lines from each season. Now, all of that data is available online as well.

Back in the day, managers kept their own statistics on paper, and they were tallied up in monthly newsletters.

The preservation of these stats allows us to revisit fascinating facts such as:

* The Ansbach Angels were the winningest team over that period with a 3202-game record of 1659-1543. Continue reading

Draft pick trades: Who came out on top?

Let’s look back at those offseason trades for draft picks, and put some names to the numbers.

Dec. 16, 2009: Margaritaville sends C John Baker to Savannah for pick No. 71 (became Casey McGehee).

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What’s your ODS factor? Scorps dominate

In our latest measuring stick of Strat-O-Matic excellence, we present the ODS factor, and in the 2010 ratings, the Savannah Scorpions score a historic 5, far ahead of the field.

Barely sniffing at the Scorpions with 3 ratings are Bushwood, Hickory and Springfield.

Three teams have an ODS factor of 2: Bismarck, Superior and Wisconsin; while Applegate and Detroit check in with 1s.

Getting completely skunked with zeroes are Margaritaville, South Grand Prairie and Tropical. Sorry, guys.

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