Meet Phil Roselli, manager, Chatfield Chimeras

Phil Roselli weighs in with his managerial profile, in which we learn the significance of his team name, the significance of a box of thin mints and the one trade he wishes he could have back. Or not.

With that comes this reminder — checkĀ  your own profile page, and if it needs some updating, fire off an e-mail to your friend league Webmaster. If you have not provided a photo before, or want to offer a newer picture, this would be a good time for that too.

Expansion voted in for only second time in league history!

After a flurry of e-mails and several days of debate, the managers of the I-75 Strat-O-Matic league have voted to expand for only the second time in league history.

The league that was born with 9 teams in 1980 and expanded to 12 in 2003 will now grow to 14 or 15 teams beginning in 2012. The vote to expand was 10-2 in favor.

Managers will now vote first on whether to expand to 14 or 15 teams, and then will vote on issues pertaining to the league’s revised structure, including expansion draft procedure, retention process for 2012, where to slot 2012 expansion teams in the draft, and possible supplemental draft picks for new managers.

Update: By a 10-2 vote, league voted to expand to 15 managers for the 2012 season.

Strat-O-Matic celebrates 50th anniversary

Check out the story in today’s USA TODAY about the celebration and how the board game came into being, with a nice photo of inventor Hal Richman.

Bombers deal Latos to guarantee themselves Heyward

Posey or Heyward? Heyward or Posey? Were the Bushwood Gophers, who retained no catchers on their roster, going to select Giants catcher Buster Posey with the No. 1 pick overall, or Braves outfielder Jason Heyward?

The Bismarck Bombers, enamored with Heyward and holders of the No. 2 pick, weren’t taking any chances.

Saturday the Bombers dealt Padres righty Mat Latos and their No. 65 pick to Bushwood for Rangers lefty C.J. Wilson and the Gophers’ No. 67 pick, for the privilege of swapping spots in the first round.

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