30 posts in 30 days: What do you want to see?

We’re going to ratchet up this league website a notch for the month of June. We hereby vow to average a post per day — 30 posts in 30 days, to keep the enthusiasm and interest and conversation going as we head into the hot summer months.

We’ll talk about the current season, real-life baseball, trades, the outlook for next season, some league historical stuff, and maybe some off-the-beaten path topics.

Anything you want to read more about on our league website? Chime in via the comments section.

It’s almost June… here we go!

Springfield Isotopes make USA TODAY’s Sports front!

Check it out in the lower left-hand corner.

USA TODAY Sports_front

Oh, it’s on: 4 teams tied for league’s best record

With one quarter down and three quarters to play, we find four teams sporting identical 24-16 records as the league’s best mark heading into May play.

Hickory, Springfield and Tropical share a three-way tie for first in the Northbound Division, while Savannah uses the same record to lead in the Southbound Division.

Bushwood is just a game back in the North; South Grand Prairie just two games back in the South.

Hickory and Savannah have chances to break ahead of the pack this month, with three of their four series against teams with sub-.500 records.

Meanwhile, a sleeping giant lurks in Wisconsin, which is leading the league in team batting average (.296) and homers (60), and has outscored its opponents 210-187. Yet the Warhawks have stumbled out of the gate to an 18-22 mark. Perhaps the arrival of Finley David (correction: Daniel) Wilson will spark the club to greater achievements, but May presents a tough schedule, with four teams on the docket that own better records.

McAfee and Strat aren’t playing nicely together

If you are running McAfee as your anti-virus software, you’ve probably noticed a slowness when launching  your Strat game in that it can take a minute or more to launch.

Well, with McAfee’s latest upgrade, it now takes 10-15 minutes to launch, according to some users in the Strat forum. Fortunately, there is a workaround, although it’s not very convenient.

You’ll have to launch your Anti-Virus console and turn off your “Real Time Scanning.” (You may even have to log on as Administrator to do this.)

Once Real Time Scanning is disabled, your Strat game will launch lickety-split, and you can even re-enable real-time scanning if you want.  On the latest version there’s an option to automatically resume real-time scanning at one of several intervals; you can choose to launch it in 15 minutes, start your Strat game, and in 15 minutes the anti-virus scanning will resume.

No word on why Strat and McAfee had not gotten together to iron out this bug.