Convention forecast: Hot, then not

A look at the 10-day Orlando weather forecast spanning the convention period. Looks like we need to pack for two different climates…

Draft tip: Act like you know the guy you’re drafting

A famous I-75 drafting faux pas occurred at the 1987 draft, when then-Michigan manager Mike Renbarger wrote down then name of Darrell Porter as his draft pick, turned in his index card, and left the room for some, er, personal maintenance.

While he was gone the draft moderator, squinting at the handwriting, announced Michigan had selected Dave Parker.

Not long after that, all picks were announced orally, but you still don’t want to be caught making a bonehead announcement, such as mispronouncing the name of a player you just selected to carry you to a divisional pennant.  It’s Luke HOE-chave-er, not HOCK-e-var.  Draft moderator Larry Pittman once went out of his way to thank a manager for the pronunciation guide on an index card in which he was tipped that the pitcher’s first name was pronounced “Ish-mael” and not as it was spelled, “Ismael.” As in Valdes.

How to avoid the boo-birds and catcalls? Try, where you can search player names by team or just type them into the search engine. Not only will you get the phonetic pronunciation of Alfredo “uh-SAY-vess,” but you can also click to hear it spoken.

UPDATE, Wednesday, 3 p.m. ET: Apparently, the way Mike Stanton wants his first name to be pronounced is: “JEE-ahn-cahr-loh”

Draft countdown: 7 days remaining

As 2012 draft fever builds, we reach into the archives for this photo of what appears to be the winning team in one of our annual softball clashes. Can you name the team members — and the year???


Presenting YOUR 2012 mock draft

With less than two weeks to go before the 33rd I-75 League convention, we fire up the mock drafting ovens one more time to see what delights are being cooked up for the first round when we gather in Kissimmee the first weekend in March.

What’s diferent about this mock draft? Well… this is the draft that you, yourself, mocked. Not me. Though I did jump in when some people were unsure, tight-lipped or attempting a bit of sleight of hand. That’s right — these are YOUR mock draft picks, so if they prove to be a total disaster, you have no one to blame but yourselves. With apologies to Bud Light, here we go…

1. Alex Avila, C, Detroit, to Michigan. Ken Crawford resolves the Pineda-or-Trout debate his own way, as the Tiger catcher gives Michigan the hometown discount.

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