1992 Convention: The Uncut Video

Our longtime managers are quite familiar with one of the most remarkable moments in I-75 League history, that being the no-hitter that Nolan Ryan pitched for the Tropical Heat against the Ansbach Angels at the 1992 convention — a moment caught on tape and preserved for the ages.

We uploaded that video to YouTube in 2010, tagged it “Strat-O-Matic” among other things, and to date it has amassed more than 3,000 views.

Today we present the uncut, unedited, 24-minute version of the video from that convention, which marked the start of our 13th season. We were blessed to have a full turnout of all nine managers that year.

The video shows, among other things:

* Softball action, and batting practice with a young David Hart. His dad captures a popup of David’s with a nifty behind-the-back catch at the 3-minute mark.

* Off-the-wall predictions from each of our nine managers.

* Early-season Strat action, including that no-hitter tilt between managers Jamie Turner and Steve Hart. (Note that it’s after 1:30 in the morning and Steve Hart is still awake.)

* A Steve Bizek headstand.

* And lots of other condo scenes.


Epic comeback nets World Series title for Warriors

Down 3-0 to heavy favorite and top-seeded Chatfield, the South Grand Prairie Warriors pulled off a comeback for the ages, storming back to win four consecutive games, including a Game 7 thriller, to win the 2014 I-75 League World Series.

Surrounded by division and world championship plaques and the league trophy, Garth Lewis celebrates his third World Series in Warrior franchise history.

Three-time World Series champion Garth Lewis.

Three-time World Series champion Garth Lewis.

After emerging from a season-long dogfight just to win the Northern Division, the Warriors hit their stride in the postseason and notched their third I-75 League World Championship, following similar conquests in 2006 (over Littleton) and 2007 (Margaritaville).

“Winning three World Series titles in 10 years is an honor,” said South Grand Prairie skipper Garth Lewis. “All three series were down to the wire against two of the top Strat minds in the country (John McMillan and Phil Roselli). Having the opportunity to be in this league has been a blast and something I’m really happy I’ve been able to do.”

Roselli’s Chatfield Choo-Choos had entered the postseason as a heavy favorite after a 106-win season that saw them capture the South Division by 21 games. So jumping out to a 3-0 lead was no surprise.

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Amazing cards to be on display in 2015 season

The ratings are out! The ratings are out! Some instant impressions (numbers are raw numbers):

Aroldis Chapman (Margaritaville) has NO hit chances on his card. Not on his left side. Not on his right side. Not a ballpark homer or ballpark single to be found. He does have 7 walk chances vs. LHBs and 21 vs. RHBs. Slightly offset by the 71 STRIKEOUT CHANCES vs. LHBs and 57 vs. RHBs.

A lefty available in the draft, Andrew Miller, has NO hit chances vs RHBs (including no ballparks), just 8 walk chances and 70 Ks.

Craig Kimbrell (Bismark) has NO hit chances vs. lefties or righties either (including no ballparks); his walk count is 13/19 but his strikeout count is 65/59.

A righty available in the draft, Dellin Betances, has NO hit chances vs LHBs (including no ballparks) and just 4.3 vs. RHBs. His walk numbers are 1/13, but his strikeout numbers go 71/60. He does lug around a +7 hold factor, but his most important number that puts all of this in context is this: 90 IP and a closer rating, albeit a C (0).

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