Do you Yahoo? Do you boo when you do?

You’ve probably heard my gripes about Yahoo in the past, both their site in general and the flaws in their fantasy league that we use to track our I-75 players. Now they’ve really irked me with fantasy pages that have become unbearably slow to load. Is this happening for anyone else?

As long as we’re at it, let’s find out if folks are even using the Yahoo fantasy league to track their players’ real-life progress.

Got a better alternative? Suggest it in the comments.

Updated Constitution now posted

Our updated League Constitution is now online. It includes recent rule changes and reminders about the importance of meeting monthly deadlines.

Read it. Study it. Commit it to memory.

There will be a quiz.

With 60 to play, playoff race looks wide open

With 60 games to go, it looks we have have the most wide-open race for playoff spots that we’ve had since the I-75 League expanded to 15 teams.

Check out how the ‘wild-card’ standings look right now; remember the top three teams with the best records apart from the division champions make the playoffs:

CHATFIELD 68 32 .680
S.GRAND PRAIRIE 53 47 .530
SAVANNAH 51 49 .510
IOWA 58 42 .580
MICHIGAN 55 45 .550
* DESTIN 52 48 .520
APPLEGATE 51 49 .510 1
BISMARCK 50 50 .500 2
SPRINGFIELD 50 50 .500 2
BUSHWOOD 47 53 .470 5
SUPERIOR 47 53 .470 5

* tie would be broken with a one-game playoff

Currently Destin and Margaritaville are tied for the sixth playoff spot, with Applegate and Bismark — all North Division teams — breathing down their neck. Springfield is just two back as well, oddly closer to first place in its division than it is to a wild-card berth.

“Expansion teams” Iowa and Michigan have a leg up on making their first playoff appearances, and each team strengthened itself with trades for the stretch run. Iowa, coming off a 16-win July, bolstered its bullpen and rebuilt the left side of its infield, adding offense in Chris Johnson and Stephen Drew; Michigan added some speed and defense in Jacoby Ellsbury and Rajai Davis, plus some hitting pop in Jose Reyes and Brian McCann.

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