Meet the managers

Meet the managers of the I-75 Strat-O-Matic League. Click a link for profile.

Applegate Paperclips: Gary Kicinski

Bismarck Bombers: Steve Bizek

Boulder Tree Huggers: John Renbarger

Bushwood Gophers: Dave Renbarger

Dyersville Treblemakers: Ryan Renbarger

Destin Beach Bums: Mark Gergel

East Cobb Juice: Kevin Gergel

Margaritaville Volcanoes: John McMillan

Michigan Moneyballers: Ken Crawford

New New York Hypnotoads: Jason Renbarger

Savannah Scorpions: Steve Hart

Satellite Beach Brawlers: Steve Nieroda

South Grand Prairie Warriors: Garth Lewis

Superior Titans: Mike Renbarger

West Atlanta Crush: Jeff Richards



One Response

  1. You should declare the deadline for submissions. Mike Renbarger works best when his back is against the wall. I know, I play him twice/year.

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