10 questions for 2011

Savannah manager Steve Hart, who possesses a phenomenal ability to multi-task, throws out these 10 next-year questions even while pursuing this year’s pennant. Replies welcome.

1.  Knowing Stephen Strasburg is unlikely to pitch in 2011, how much will he slip in the first round of the draft (was previously considered a lock for going one or two overall)? 

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Predicting the playoff teams — for 2011

With the completion of the regular season, the final Yahoo! fantasy league standings give us a potential glimpse into the future. While it’s very true that fantasy value and Strat success are not necessarily a strong correlation, the standings do give a glimpse into returning talent.

The Bismark Bombers finished first in the standings with 124 points, racking up a strong showing offensively and in the pitching columns. The Bombers were No. 1 in ERA and tied for first in WHIP. Offensively they were second in batting average, third in slugging and fourth in on-base percentage.

In the North Division they finished 24.5 points ahead of Superior, which finished fourth overall.

Margaritaville looks like it will rebound strongly in the South Division. On pace to finish with the league’s worst record this year, they will be favored to win the division next season, finishing first in homers, second in slugging, third in on-base; meanwhile, finishing third in WHIP as well.

So, taking the final 2010 Yahoo! standings and reordering them by division, the predicted playoff teams in bold would be:

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Can’t get much more dramatic than this!

With one month to go in the 2010 I-75 League season, multiple dramatic finishes are poised to unfold:

* The North Division championship has Springfield and Tropical in a dead Heat at the 140-game pole, each with 78 wins. With Hickory managing just eight wins in August, the Isotopes and Heat have once again leap-frogged the Nuts to lead by three games with 20 to go.

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Captain of the 540 club: Scorpions’ Joey Votto

Every year there’s a small but select group of players who fall just shy of the coveted 550 at-bat level that would make them unlimited in the following year’s play for the I-75 Strat-O-Matic League. Here are this year’s heartbreakers:

1. Joey Votto, Savannah Scorpions (547). With a .424 on-base percentage, Savannah may still be able to play him full time and root for walks when no one’s on base or the game isn’t close. But manager Steve Hart probably wishes the Reds had found a way to get him three more at-bats. The MVP candidate did finish with a .600 slugging mark and hit .324, so don’t feel too sorry for him. The Reds didn’t play him on Saturday and took him out after two at-bats Sunday.

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