Luke Walsh

Luke Walsh

Luke Walsh

I-75 League team name:  Greendale Zealots

Birthdate:  July 20, 1994

Currently resident of:  Urbandale, Iowa (Soon: Denver area)

Birthplace:  Davenport, Iowa

Family:  Parents: Mike and Cotty Walsh

Siblings: Alex, Mo, and Bryan Walsh

Occupation: Civil Engineer 

Employer:  (Job accepted, future) WSB Engineers

Job title: Graduate Civil Engineer – Land Development

In plain English, what do you do:  Design community areas in different fields, usually for a township, to be reviewed and constructed.

Real-life MLB team you are a fan of:  St. Louis Cardinals

Year you first started playing Strat: 2018

Year you first joined the I-75  League: 2019 season

How you first were introduced to Strat:  Met Ryan Renbarger at ISU, he showed me what Strat is and got me interested.

Origin of your team name:  I wanted to do a combination tribute to my favorite show (Community) and musical artist (Childish Gambino). Greendale references the show “Community” and is the name of the community college the show is set in, and Zealots is a reference to a song off of Gambino’s album “Because the Internet.”

Any Strat involvement outside the I-75 League? Nada

One thing you would do to improve the league:  I’m still too fresh in to have a response for this.

How you can be reached electronically (e-mail, Twitter, Skype, or other):

How to follow you: I have a Facebook page and sometimes tweet

Your chance to self-promote:  Outside of baseball/Strat, I’m active in fantasy football. A friend and I have a podcast (mainly for our league) where we talk football, and may look to expand into baseball analysis when football isn’t happening. You can check it out on Soundcloud, Google Play, or Apple podcasts!

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