New stuff to mock: Protection lists

Steve Hart just couldn’t contain himself. Race for playoff spot be damned, Steve has canvassed the entire I-75 League and drawn up his assessment of which 10 players each team will be protecting.

If you too have lost interest in this season, as seemingly about seven teams have, and would like to pen your own evaluation of protection lists, feel free to compile and send along.

Note also the “draft board” link on the left-hand side here that goes to a Google document; it lists the players on every roster and sets the stage for player protection, draftees, and subsequent protections.

Everything that follows is Steve Hart’s commentary; it is unedited:

We all will be facing some tough decisions this fall.  Which ten players do we retain, knowing that our 11th best player will be plucked by an expansion team.  Then we protect two more guys and expose our 14th best guy to an expansion team, etc.  Here’s what I am seeing as of September 20, 2011 (teams are listed in order of Yahoo Fantasy standings):

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