2009 season

Bushwood takes postseason crown

The Bushwood Gophers found the glory that eluded them in 2008, defeating the Detroit Demo Dogs in a five-game World Series to capture the I-75 League’s 2009 crown. Get details here.

Gophers, Scorpions win regular-season titles

The Bushwood Gophers and Savannah Scorpions earned regular-season divisional titles and with them the right to sit back while four other teams fight it out for the rights to advance.

Second-seeded Superior will host third-seeded Hickory in the Northbound Division first-round playoffs, after Hickory barely edged out Tropical for the third playoff spot.

Margaritaville took second place easily over third-place Detroit in the Southbound Division. The winner will visit Savannah.

Click here for the final standings for the 2009 season. Other key links:

Final league team stats
Final individual leaders
End-of-season rosters

2 Responses

  1. You’re welcome, Dave.
    In attention to detail, I was able to locate the font used on the original Caddyshack poster: “Bushwood Gophers” appears in ITC Korinna Kursiv Heavy.

    Can you name all the poster-child Gophers, including the now former-Gopher?

  2. The Gophers are digging the championship poster. Many thanks to Grid for his handiwork.

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