Nick Calderon

nickName: Nick Anthony Calderon

I-75 League team name: Tatooine Rebels

Birthdate: 05/19/1984

Currently resident of: Superior, Colo.

Birthplace: Los Angeles, Calif.

Family: Nicolas & Dipma Calderon (parents); Eric Calderon (little brother); Lorena Medina (fiancé)

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Employer: Ball Aerospace

Job title: Mechanical Design Engineer

In plain English, what do you do: I work on satellites and spacey stuff! I work with a team of engineers to push technology forward.

Real-life MLB team you are a fan of: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year you first started playing Strat: 2017

Year you first joined the I-75 League: 2017

How you first were introduced to Strat: Hanging out with the Renbargers usually results in baseball talk! Which then leads to fantasy talk and dice rolling.

Origin of your team name: I’m a huge Star Wars fan and am very excited for all the movies in the pipeline. Tatooine is Luke Skywalker’s home planet. And the Rebels are the group of people he joins that are fighting Darth Vader and the Empire.

Any Strat involvement outside the I-75 League? Nope

One thing you would do to improve the league: Too green to make any recommendations

How you can be reached electronically (e-mail, Twitter, Skype, AIM or other): @NickACalderon (twitter), Nick Anthony Calderon (facebook),

Your chance to self-promote:
Outside of work I’m attempting to write again. I’d like to start writing short stories and am using our D&D campaigns as a platform to get going. If anyone is interested I can send a story to you – any criticism is very welcome!

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