Trades made during the 2014 regular season.

July 27 — Bushwood sends 1B/OF Darrin Ruf to Superior for OF Oswaldo Arcia.

July 27 — Michigan sends C David Ross to Destin for P Brian Wilson.

July 27 — Springfield sends SP Hector Santiago to Savannah for P Bryan Shaw.

July 27 — Destin sends 2B Scooter Gennett and P Martin Perez to Chatfield for SP Zack Wheeler.

July 27 — Springfield sends 3B Todd Frazier and OF Oswaldo Arcia to Superior for OF Andre Ethier and DH Billy Butler.

July 27 — Savannah sends OF Nelson Cruz, OF A.J. Pollock, RP Joe Smith, SP Matt Cain and RP Pedro Strop to Hickory for 1B Justin Morneau, RF Jay Bruce, LHP Wade Miley, RP Vin Mazzaro and RP Jonathan Papelbon.

July 27 — Destin sends OF Matt Joyce to Satellite Beach for OF Alfonso Soriano.

July 27 — Iowa sends OF Rajai Davis and P Michael Pineda to Michigan for SS Stephen Drew and OF Nate Schierholz.

July 26 — Chatfield sends DH Victor Martinez, RP  Carlos Martinez and P Mike Dunn to Destin for C Yadier Molina and P Luis Avilan.

July 25 — Superior sends RP Jean Machi to Satellite Beach for RP Justin Wilson.

July 25 — Applegate sends OF Jacoby Ellsbury, C Brian McCann, SS Jose Reyes and IF Ed Lucas to Michigan for OF Michael Brantley, C Russell Martin and OF/3B Nick Castellanos.

July 24 — Destin sends P David Carpenter to Margaritaville for P Ryan Cook.

July 22 — Margaritaville sends P Jeff Locke to Wisconsin for P Travis Wood.

July 15 — Savannah sends OF Matt Holiday, P Cliff Lee and C Josmil Pinto to Superior for OF Shane Victorino and P Jon Lester.

July 8 — South Grand Prairie sends SP Dan Straily to Satellite Beach for RP Darren O’Day.

July 7 — Chatfield sends Ps Ian Kennedy, P Danny Farquhar and Erik Johnson to Satellite Beach for Ps Bartolo Colon and Sergio Romo.

June 28 — Wisconsin sends 2B Robinson Cano, CF Denard Span, RF Carlos Beltran, P Ervin Santana and P Seth Maness to Margaritaville for OF Corey Dickerson, OF Charlie Blackmon, OF Khris Davis, 2B DJ Lemahieu, 2B Kolten Wong, P Kyle Lohse and P Brandon Morrow.

June 28 — Chatfield sends Ps Josh Collmenter and Santiago Casilla to Wisconsin for Ps Tyler Thornburg, Joel Peralta and Sergio Santos.

June 23 — Iowa sends 3B Nolan Arenado, P Joe Smith and P Pedro Strop to Savannah for 3B Chris Johnson and P Joe Nathan.

June 23 — Iowa sends 3B Nick Castellanos to Michigan for P Kevin Siegrist.

May 31 — Chatfield sends Ps Wade Miley, Jesse Chavez and Rex Brothers to Hickory for Ps Ivan Nova, Danny Farquhar and Mike Dunn.

Trades made after the retention list submission date and prior to the start of 2014 season play:

March 8 –– Iowa sends pick Nos. 50 and 136 to Wisconsin for pick No. 41.

March 8 — Bushwood sends pick Nos. 29 and 189 to Chatfield for pick Nos. 36 and 121.

March 8 — Savannah trades P Matt Garza and pick No. 10 to Wisconsin for P Jordan Zimmermann

March 8 — Springfield trades OF Shane Victorino to Superior for pick No. 58

March 3 — Destin sends pick Nos. 1, 40 and 152 to Hickory for 3B Evan Longoria and pick Nos. 4 and 204.

March 2 — Margaritaville sends 1B Brandon Moss to Savannah for SS Hanley Ramirez and P Charlie Furbush

March 1 — Savannah sends C Wilin Rosario to Superior for OF Domonic Brown

Feb. 17 — Margaritaville sends 2B Brandon Phillips to Destin for pick No. 25.

Feb. 17 — Chatfield sends C Russell Martin to Michigan for picks Nos. 46 and 141.

Feb. 13 — Bushwood sends DH David Ortiz, RP Koji Uehara and pick No. 179 to Chatfield for picks No. 7, 16 and 189.

Feb. 13 — Michigan sends picks 7, 36 and 51 to Chatfield for picks 11, 21 and 46.

Feb. 13 — Destin sends OF Nelson Cruz and pick No. 77 to Savannah for pick Nos. 25 and 40.

Feb. 11 — Savannah sends OF Nick Markakis and pick No. 115 to Destin for 1B Mike Napoli and pick No. 47.

Feb. 10 — Iowa sends P Randall Delgado and pick 154 to Destin for pick Nos. 107 and 197.

Feb. 9 — Michigan sends pick No. 21 and pick No. 126 to Chatfield for 1B Allen Craig.

Feb. 1 — Chatfield sends P Andrew Cashner and pick No. 76 to Bismarck for P Glen Perkins and pick No. 11.

Jan. 30 — Chatfield sends 3B Kyle Seager to Iowa for P Andrew Cashner

Jan. 30 — Applegate sends 3B Adrian Beltre and pick No. 173 to Springfield for pick No. 6, pick No. 82 and pick No. 142.

Jan. 23 — Hickory sends 3B Chase Headley and pick No. 114 to Bismarck for pick No. 42 and 87.

Dec. 18 — Savannah sends SS Jimmy Rollins to Bismarck for pick No. 27.

Dec. 18 — Chatfield sends SS Alexei Ramirez to Savannah for pick No. 85.

Trades made during the open postseason trading period:

Dec. 15 — South Grand Prairie sends OF Josh Reddick and pick No. 183 to Bushwood for pick No. 149.

Dec. 15 — Michigan sends DH Carlos Quentin and pick No. 201 to Superior for pick No. 178.

Dec. 15 –– Springfield sends 3B Mike Moustakas and pick No. 202 to Bushwood for pick No. 164.

Dec. 14 — Hickory sends OF Shin Soo-Choo, P Adam Wainwright, C Russell Martin and pick 189 (on hold til the supplemental round) to Chatfield for 3B Evan Longoria, P Ivan Nova, and pick No. 3.

Dec. 14 –– Applegate sends RP Jim Henderson to Destin for pick No. 122.

Dec. 14 — Iowa sends IF Alexei Ramirez and pick No. 139 (on hold til the supplemental round) to Chatfield for pick No. 136.

Dec. 14 — South Grand Prairie sends pick No. 93 and 2B Jose Altuve to Satellite Beach for pick No. 110 and 2B Omar Infante.

Dec. 13 — Iowa sends IF Omar Infante to Satellite Beach for pick No. 50.

Dec. 1 — Michigan sends OF Andy Dirks to Applegate for pick No. 158.

Nov. 26 — Michigan sends SP Mike Leake to the Beach Bums (formerly Pigdogs) for C Devin Mesoraco.


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