Mike Wilson (ret.)

Name:  Mike Wilson
I-75 League team name: 
Hickory Nuts
Birthdate: 4/25/58
Currently resident of:
Brooksville, Fla. (Soon to be Tulsa, Okla.)
Philadelphia, PA
Wife: Patti, Son: Dan (30–see Wisconsin WarHawks) Daughters: Christy (29), Rachel (25)
Occupation: Sales
National Steak and Poultry
Job title: Vice president of Sales
In plain English, what do you do:
  Manage the Sales, R&D and Inside Service teams while a member of the Executive Committee that directs company.
Real-life MLB team you are a fan of:  Grew up a Phillies fan and am now a Kansas City Royals fan
Years in the I-75 League:  about 17; started in 1990; took a brief hiatus and came back (memory is foggy on the details…)
Years playing Strat: got my first game in 1974
How you first were introduced to Strat:
Saw an ad
How you became part of the I-75 League:
Knew Coach Larry Pittman from the food business; I had started my own league in the late 80’s (Pittman and ex I75er Joe Brunetti were in the league).  Larry mentioned there was opening in the I75 league and I jumped at the chance.
Origin of your team name: I was living in Hickory, NC when I started a strat league and the name of my team was the Hickory Nuts.  When I joined I-75, I had just moved to Springfield and thought about changing the team name, but kept the original.
Any Strat involvement outside the I-75 League? No
Fondest  I-75 League memory (related to Strat competition):  Winning the World Series in 2011 
Fondest I-75 League convention moment:  All are great as we have a terrific group of guys.  High point would be the first one my son attended as a manager
Favorite I-75 League tradition:  Still having a convention get together as lives and families evolve.
Trade or draft pick you made that you wish you could have back: Too many.
Trade or draft pick you made in which you think you hit a homer:   Trade: Getting Pedroia  a few years ago. Draft: drafting  Tulowitzki in the middle  rounds
One thing you would do to improve the league:  The new website is a big plus;  scheduling monthly netplay needs to become more of a priority for all
How to follow you: Website, Blog,  Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…
Twitter: @AmikeWilson
Your chance to self-promote:  Hickory season tickets on sale now!  Be one of the fans cheering on the 1s in the infield!
How you can be reached: mikew425@sbcglobal.net


4 Responses

  1. I am usually in a fog on draft day…

  2. I am still writing names on foggy mirrrors at the draft to this day — and usually the names I write are truthful.

  3. I remember the foggy mirror incident… that was a deliberate attempt at misdirection … if I remember, two of the three were shortstops, Barry Larkin and Ozzie Smith.

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