Kevin Gergel (ret.)

Name:  Kevin Gergel

I-75 League team name:  East Cobb Juice

Birthdate:  Nov. 15, 1981

Currently resident of:  Marietta, Ga.

Birthplace:  Detroit, Mich.

Kevin Gergel and wife Teil

Kevin Gergel and wife Teil

Family: Wife Teil, daughter Maris (10), son Kellan (7)

Occupation:  Sales

Employer:  ITA Group

Job title:  Business development manager

In plain English, what do you do: Work with large companies to plan and operate events, sales incentives and employee recognition programs.

Real-life MLB team you are a fan of:  Atlanta Braves

Year you first started playing Strat: 2018

Year you first joined the I-75 League: 2018

How you first were introduced to Strat: Destin Beach Bums manager- aka my dad, Mark Gergel.

Origin of your team name: Played in two competitive youth baseball organizations East Cobb Baseball and Chet Lemon’s Juice.

Any Strat involvement outside the I-75 League? No

One thing you would do to improve the league:  n/a

How you can be reached electronically (e-mail, Twitter, Skype, AIM or other):  Twitter: @kmgergs

How to follow you:

Your chance to self-promote: 2011 Gergel Cup Champion

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