Dan Wilson (ret.)

Name:  Dan Wilson
I-75 League team name: Wisconsin Warhawks
Birthdate: January 1983
Currently resident of:  Fond du Lac, WI (Foot of the Lake or First on the Lake….just depends on which direction you’re coming from!)
Birthplace: Tampa, FL
Family: Amanda, my wife; Finley, and Griffin, our dog….and a new addition soon to arrive!
Occupation: Detective
Employer: City of Fond du Lac
Job title:Detective
In plain English, what do you do: Professional Waste Management
Real-life MLB team you are a fan of: Milwaukee Brewers
Years in the I-75 League: 6
Years playing Strat:6 full time, but probably more like 13, since I’d play it against my dad when I was younger
How you first were introduced to Strat: Sometime in the early 1990’s by my dad, who was managing those Nuts.  I’ll never forget the draft when he allowed me to help him draft and we selected the dope smoking, Otis Nixon….who knew my career would be shaped by that bum!
How you became part of the I-75 League: Took over Ken’s Detroit team in 2007 as an interim coach.  Then in 2008, took over the Littleton Lumberjacks club (I believe) and moved the franchise to Wisconsin.
Origin of your team name: Wisconsin for the location and to keep with the Wisconsin theme, who better to pick than the D3 powerhouse in Wisconsin, the UW-Whitewater Warhawks.
Any Strat involvement outside the I-75 League? None
Fondest  I-75 League memory (related to Strat competition): My first full year in the league, which saw the Warhawks make a push for their first World Series in their first year of existence.
Fondest I-75 League convention moment: I’m entering my 7th year as a manager and have been able to attend 2 or 3 conventions now as a manager.  I don’t have a specific moment that sticks out more than any other, but overall, the live draft and then still getting to participate in a league with my dad and some great guys that I’ve gotten to know a little better each and every year.
Favorite I-75 League tradition: The annual emails that anxiously await the release of next year’s game!  Okay, so not really….  I’d say the fact that every year, everyone tries their best to get together to watch baseball and draft.
Trade or draft pick you made that you wish you could have back: Well this is easy….HART!  I’d love to take back my trade for Chris Ray and Ryan Church and maybe even Austin Kearns, which sent one of the best all time closers to the Scorpions, Joe Nathan.  I still have nightmares!
Trade or draft pick you made in which you think you hit a homer: Sending Josh Beckett to the Dogs for the “soon to be King” Prince Fielder.  Also, sending Adrian Gonzalez to the Bombers for then, poor fielding 3B/LF Ryan Braun.
One thing you would do to improve the league: Try to have a Mid-Season Classic in Omaha, to get together mid year.
How to follow you: Facebook really….I don’t put a lot out there tho.
Your chance to self-promote: After a very disappointing 2012 campaign, which saw a very talented team fall flat on their face, things are hopefully going to be turned around.  Looking forward to a tough and competitive season coming up and hopefully a lot of fun!
How you can be reached:  danw127@yahoo.com


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