Gopher Holes for June

Ahhh, June.  What a month it was.  The Gophers won all four series back in June, going 4-1 vs. the Toads and Treblemakers and 3-2 vs. the Huggers and Juice.  That 14-6 record gave Bushwood a 48-32 record at the season’s halfway point.  That’s a cool .600 winning percentage and just three games behind first-place Margaritaville in the Northbound standings.

Alas, the dog days of July are now upon us, and the Gophers have crashed and burned.  First there was the 0-5 series vs. Savannah, when Bushwood managed only eight runs total in five games.  Then came today’s 1-4 showing vs. the Bismarck, in which the Gophers cranked up their mighty offense to the tune of 12 total runs.  What is next for the boys from Bushwood, you ask?  Applegate and SGP are on deck, with Gary and Garth no doubt licking their chops.

Meanwhile, back to the salad days of June, when the offense was clicking.  The Gophers actually scored 17 runs in one game against Dyersville and 44 runs in one series against the Toads.

Interesting first half stat:  The Gophers, despite having just the seventh-highest scoring team in the league, were the only team in the league to avoid being shut out over the first 80 games.  (Alas, Bushwood has been blanked twice already in July).

In another streak that will be difficult to extend, the Gophers managed to avoid a losing month in the first half, going 14-6 in March and June and 10-10 in April and May.

Welcome back:  Long lost starter Parker Bridwell made a triumphant return to the rotation in June.  The Gophers’ No. 6 starter, Bridwell made three starts back in March then spent the next two months on the inactive list before resurfacing in June to start four times.  The Gophers won all four games, and Bridwell, again relegated to the cab squad for July, has some season stats worth boasting about.  He is 3-0 with a 4.19 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP for his seven total starts, and he went the distance in all three of his wins.  The righty has 78 innings remaining for the second half but is only scheduled to get three more starts the way the Gophers’ second-half rotation currently lines up.  So if anyone is in the market for an unbeaten starter with lots of usage for the last three months, please inquire within.

Speaking of the trade deadline, the Gophers’ dormant offense would seem to need a shot in the arm.  Recently acquired OF Josh Reddick could still provide a boost, but he has done little in his first 10 July games in Bushwood.  In the bullpen, another lefty arm could come in handy down the stretch.

Including the dismal July results, the Gophers are currently 49-41 and obviously losing ground in the Northbound and wild-card races.  So the pressure is on to bounce back strong over the remaining 70 games and make the playoffs for the first time since 2015.


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