Lava Flow for May

If you played the Volcanoes in May, it might have seemed like Joey Votto was always on-base.  For the month, Votto was 33 of 76 (.434 BA) with 13 walks and 3 HBP (.527 OBP) and 5 HRs (.737 SA).  Votto was other-worldly in his destruction of West Atlanta.  Against the Crush, Votto was 14 of 19 (.737 BA) with 4 walks (.800 OBP) and 2 HRs (1.211 SA).  By simple addition (.800 + 1.211), Votto’s OPS vs the Crush was 2.011.  The Volcanoes took 4 out of 5 from West Atlanta, outscoring them 27-17.  By Strat’s Sabremetric calculations, Votto created 19.6 runs vs the Crush.  … Compiling a “not-so-good” May was Khris Davis.  Davis hit 13 HRs in March and April play, but posted 0 HRs in May (along with batting 13 for 76 – for a .171 average – and 30 Ks).  … Joe “Five and Dive” Biagini filled his role to perfection in May, going 3-0 in his 4 starts, pitching 20 innings and allowing 20 hits, 4 runs (3 earned) and 0 HRs to post a 1.35 ERA. … The league caught up to Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen in May as each allowed 3 HRs in 10 IP (for a total of 6 HRs allowed by the dynamic duo in the month).  … The Volcano bullpen has posted an ERA of 2.79 through the first 60 games, which is a big part of how the Volcanoes’ team ERA of 3.75 leads the I-75 league.  In bullpen usage, Margaritaville leads the league with 222.7 relief innings pitched, and with 189 relievers used.  The league average is 185.6 relief innings pitched and 145.6 relievers used.  On a per-game basis, the Volcanoes use 3.15 relievers per game to pitch 3.71 relief innings.  The Volcanoes use each reliever an average of 1.18 innings per game, which is below the league average of 1.27.  Satellite Beach has the quickest “reliever hook,” allowing their relievers to pitch only 1.12 innings on average.  The Volcanoes are the only team to use an average of more than 3 relievers per game. … Applegate and Bismarck are tied for second at 2.77 relievers per game, and Superior is foruth with 2.72 relievers per game.  The East Cobb Juice are the most reliever-averse team in the league, using only 110 reliever appearances (1.83 per game) to pitch 137.7 innings (2.30 per game).  Earl Weaver’s Seventh Law is, “It is easier to find four good starters than five.”  In Margaritaville, we have updated this to, “It is easier to find eight good relievers than four good starters.”

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