Refer to this post next September/October: The 14 bonus unlimited players

Here are your 14 2016 players who failed to get 550 at-bats, but will still be unlimited in the 2017 I-75 League season because they managed 600 or more plate appearances:

Mike Trout of Boulder (549 ABs but 681 PAs). Precisely the kind of guy for whom this rule was implemented. Hit .315, OPS .991.

Chris Carter, free agent (549, 644). Tied for sixth in MLB with 41 homer, but guh, hit .222. Second in MLB with, guh, 206 Ks.

Hanley Ramirez of Boulder (549, 620). 30 homers and .286 average.

Brad Miller of Savannah (548, 601). A shortstop with 30 homers. Yes, Brad Miller hit 30 homers. Previous career high: 11.

Cesar Hernandez of Michigan (547, 622). Switch-hitting second baseman who hit .294. Eleven triples tied for the MLB lead.

Brett Gardner of Springfield (547, 634). Best attribute: .368 OBP vs. RHPs.

Curtis Granderson of Bismarck (545, 633). Another big-power (30 homers), low average (.237) guy.

Brandon Belt of Michigan (542, 635). Great luxury to have a full-time LH bat who can hit both LHPs and RHPs (.279/.273).

Buster Posey of Bushwood (539, 614). Even greater luxury to have a full-time catcher, a rarity these days.

David Ortiz of Savannah (537, 626). 48 doubles, 38 homers, .315-.401-.620. Unbelievable. Too bad it’s his last card. Will Scorpions trade Big Papi at the trade deadline or sooner?

Jayson Werth, free agent (525, 606). His real-life value doesn’t translate to Strat. Pesky, sees a lot of pitches, wears pitchers down, gives baserunners chances to steal, gives himself up a lot. But hit .244 with 21 homers.

Ben Zobrist of Dyersville (523, 621). Switch-hitter who plays all over the field and posted a .386 OBP. Eighth in MLB with 96 walks. At age 35. C’mon.

Danny Espinosa of Applegate (516, 601). Spectacular shortstop who switch-hits and crushed 24 homers. Absorbed 20 HBPs, third in MLB (attn. Steve Hart). Also struck out 174 times and batted .209, so there’s that.

Bryce Harper of Superior (506, 627). On-base average of .373 was 130 points higher than his batting average. Tied for fourth in majors with 108 walks.

And after all that debate, Joey Votto didn’t even need the Joey Votto rule to be unlimited. Votto had 556 at-bats for the Reds.


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  1. Valuable information. Thanks, Gary.

  2. thanks for compiling the list for 2017 Gary. Much appreciated.

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