Destin gets No. 1 pick in 2016 Draft

Destin and Satellite Beach were the big winners in Sunday’s Draft Lottery, while Hickory was the hard-luck loser as first-round draft order was determined for the 2016 Draft, which will kick off our 37th season in Kissimmee, Fla., March 5.

Destin, with the third-highest chance, drew the No. 1 slot, while Satellite Beach, with just 10 chances out of 164, drew the No. 2 slot.

Margaritaville, which had the best odds going in with 45 chances out of 165, came up third.

After that, the draft order reverts to highest winning percentage among non-playoff teams, meaning Hickory — which had the second-highest odds going in with 36 chances — falls all the way to the ninth slot by having the worst record among the non-playoff teams that didn’t win the lottery. Playoff teams are seeded 10-15 by lowest winning percentage to highest, with the Bushwood-Applegate tie broken in favor of Bushwood (first round only) by virtue of the Gophers’ 6-4 edge in the season series.

The draft was conducted live via TeamViewer, enabling managers to watch the draw and comment. The draft promises to unleash the biggest bounty of talent the league has ever seen become available all at one time (see most recent non-Mock Draft).

The complete first-round order then, is:

  1. Destin (draft lottery)
  2. Satellite Beach (draft lottery)
  3. Margaritaville (draft lottery)
  4. Superior (79 wins)
  5. South Grand Prairie (78 wins)
  6. Michigan (76 wins)
  7. Boulder (73 wins)
  8. Wisconsin (66 wins)
  9. Hickory (63 wins)
  10. Savannah (87 wins)
  11. Bismarck (89 wins)
  12. Springfield (94 wins)
  13. Bushwood (97 wins)
  14. Applegate (97 wins)
  15. Chatfield (103 wins)

The full 14-round draft grid for 2016 can be found here (requires Google Drive access, granted only to current league managers).


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