Even distribution of Silver Slugger winners

Unlike the Gold Glove winners, which were clustered among a handful of I-75 League teams, a whopping 13 of our 15 teams can lay claim to one or more Silver Slugger returning to their team next year. The two teams shut out were Chatfield and Wisconsin.

Three clubs led the way by landing a pair of Silver Sluggers for their 2016 squad, headed by the formidable duo of Miguel Cabrera and Bryce Harper providing an impossible-to-pitch-around twosome for the Superior Titans.

Applegate also claims a pair, the left side of their infield taken with the fifth and sixth overall picks in the 2014 draft: Xander Bogaerts and Josh Donaldson.

Springfield takes home the third pair, slugging outfielder J.D. Martinez and Gold Glove shortstop Brandon Crawford.

Four other Gold Glove players also proved their two-way-ness with Silver Slugger honors: South Grand Prairie’s Paul Goldschmidt, Satellite Beach’s Jose Altuve, Destin’s Dee Gordon and Savannah’s Nolan Arenado.

There’s one free-agent Silver Slugger available to be drafted: Switch-hitting DH Kendrys Morales, jettisoned by the Applegate Paperclips after the 2014 season, now projected to be re-drafted as high as No. 10 overall in our most recent non-mock draft.

Here’s the full rundown:

Pos. Player I-75 team
C Brian McCann Michigan
C Buster Posey Bushwood
1B Miguel Cabrera Superior
1B Paul Goldschmidt* S. Grand Prairie
2B Jose Altuve* Satellite Beach
2B Dee Gordon* Destin
3B Josh Donaldson Applegate
3B Nolan Arenado* Savannah
SS Xander Bogaerts Applegate
SS Brandon Crawford* Springfield
OF Mike Trout Boulder
OF Nelson Cruz Hickory
OF J.D. Martinez Springfield
OF Bryce Harper Superior
OF Andrew McCutchen Bismarck
OF Carlos Gonzalez Margaritaville
DH Kendrys Morales FA

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