With just hours to go, presenting the consensus Mock Draft!

With just hours to go before our 36th annual I-75 League draft, the managers in attendance in Kissimmee came up with this consensus mock draft.

1. Chatfield: 1B Jose Abreu. Best player available.

2. Michigan: 3B/OF Josh Harrison. Because manager Ken Crawford is a big Beatles fan.

3. Hickory: P Masahiro Tanaka. Best upside.

4. Superior: SS/CF Danny Santana. Fills two needs.

5. Springfield: 1B Steve Pearce. The lock of the draft.

6. Destin: OF J.D. Martinez. Club needs offense.

7. Chatfield: P Jake Arrieta. The rebuilding begins. Needs pitching desperately.

8. Applegate: OF Joc Pedersen. Best non-pitching prospect.

9. Bushwood: OF George Springer. Great power vs. righties.

10. Chatfield: P Carlos Carrasco. The rebuilding continues. Still needs pitching desperately.

11. Margaritaville: OF Gregory Polanco. Prospecting.

12. Margaritaville: OF Jorge Soler. More prospecting.

13. Bismarck: RP Dellin Betances. Best available.

14. South Grand Prairie: SP Collin McHugh. Desperate for starting pitching.

15. Chatfield: P Jacob deGrom. All of a sudden Chatfield is back in contention after three stud pitchers and the best available hitter in one round. And the Choos own pick No. 16 too.


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