Amazing cards to be on display in 2015 season

The ratings are out! The ratings are out! Some instant impressions (numbers are raw numbers):

Aroldis Chapman (Margaritaville) has NO hit chances on his card. Not on his left side. Not on his right side. Not a ballpark homer or ballpark single to be found. He does have 7 walk chances vs. LHBs and 21 vs. RHBs. Slightly offset by the 71 STRIKEOUT CHANCES vs. LHBs and 57 vs. RHBs.

A lefty available in the draft, Andrew Miller, has NO hit chances vs RHBs (including no ballparks), just 8 walk chances and 70 Ks.

Craig Kimbrell (Bismark) has NO hit chances vs. lefties or righties either (including no ballparks); his walk count is 13/19 but his strikeout count is 65/59.

A righty available in the draft, Dellin Betances, has NO hit chances vs LHBs (including no ballparks) and just 4.3 vs. RHBs. His walk numbers are 1/13, but his strikeout numbers go 71/60. He does lug around a +7 hold factor, but his most important number that puts all of this in context is this: 90 IP and a closer rating, albeit a C (0).

Michigan lefty Sean Dolittle has a completely virgin card vs. LHBs — no hits, walks, ballparks, nothing, to go with 63 Ks. He has only 5.2 raw hit chances with no walk vs. RHBs, with 58 Ks and 63 IP.

Free agent Wade Davis saw his stock skyrocket with a 72-inning card that includes 75 Ks and no hits and just 3 walks vs. RHBs. Rated a C(2), Davis also gives up just 5 hit chances to LHBs (along with 17 walks) but has 50 whiff chances there too.

Clayton Kershaw (Springfield) boasts single-digits for both hit and walk chances on both sides of his card, has a minus-4 arm, a starter-8 rating and a 1 fielding rating. He also rescues puppies.

Hickory’s Chris Sale boasts close-to-single-digits for both hit and walk chances on both side of his card (2.8/9 for hits, 5.8/13 for walks).  Chris Sale is a STARTING PITCHER.

Free agent Jake Arrieta is pretty awesome, with less than 10 hit chances each way, but if you traded up in the draft to take him with the No. 2 pick, you might wish you had checked his stolen base success rate. (He has a plus-9 hold factor.)

In the who-the-heck-is-P. Holdzkom-and-how-the-freak-did-he-get-such-a-freak-card category is free agent P. Holdzkom of Pittsburgh, a righty with no hits or walks against LHBs, 78 Ks on that side, and only 9 innings to play with. Enjoy.

Andrew McCutchen (Bismarck) is plus-50 in both on-base and total base chances vs. righties, and is a star stealer and a 1 CFer.

Adam Lind (SGP) has 40-plus hit chances and 60-plus total base chances vs. RHPs.

Presumed No. 1 pick Jose Abreu is significantly more beastly vs. LHPs than RHPs. On the right side his raw chances are 29.4 / 37.3 / 51.5 with 5.2 HR chances and the full 8 ballpark diamonds. But he’s a 4e9 at 1B and loses 11 in the clutch.


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  1. Thanks for the early insight, Gary. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and crunching some numbers.

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