Abreu a Brawler? Satellite Beach earns top pick

Satellite Beach was the big winner and Superior the surprise winner in the I-75 League Draft Lottery that sets the order for our 2015 Draft.

Next up: Fielding ratings will be released Dec. 11; retention lists are due to be submitted by 10 p.m. ET Dec. 14.

The Brawlers, with the best chances (27%) of earning the first pick, did so with the automated selection using DraftLotto.com, thus putting themselves in position to draft heavy favorite Jose Abreu with the first pick — although manager Steve Nieroda immediately announced he would field inquiries for the pick.

Then came the surprise, as Superior, with only six balls (out of a remaining 120 in the bin, for a 5% chance) rolled the equivalent of a HR 1, flyout 2-20 and landed the second overall pick, where an ace pitcher such as Jake Arrieta could await. Then Hickory, with the best remaining odds in the bin at 36 / 114 (32%), landed the third pick. Starting pitcher stalwarts such as Masahiro Tanaka, Collin McHugh or Carlos Carrasco could be had with that selection, or a slugger like J.D. Martinez, or a prospect like Gregory Polanco.

According to league bylaws, after the first three picks, selections 4-9 revert to best winning percentage among non-playoff teams. That is followed by picks 10-15, featuring playoff teams in reverse order of winning percentage.

That makes the first-round draft order this:

1. Satellite Beach
2. Superior
3. Hickory
4. Michigan
5. Springfield
6. Destin
7. Wisconsin
8. Applegate
9. Bushwood
10. Savannah
11. Margaritaville
12. Iowa
13. Bismarck
14. South Grand Prairie
15. Chatfield

Rounds 2-14 are strictly ordered by worst regular-season percentage to best.


One Response

  1. I predict the Satellite Beach Brawlers trade the number one overall pick (Abreu) to the Applegate Paperclips for Applegate’s #1 and a significant sweetener.

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