Ten players who will be unlimited in 2015 under new rule

David Ortiz had just 518 at-bats in 2014 for the Boston Red Sox, which would have left him well short of the 550 level needed to achieve unlimited status in the I-75 League next year under the rule we’ve played with through the 2014 draft.

But this season, we voted in this rule:

Players who accumulated 550 or more actual at-bats or 600 or more actual plate appearances (effective starting the 2015 season) shall be unlimited in the League.

So the handcuffs are off the Chatfield Choo-Choos, who can trot Ortiz out as much as they want next year, thanks to Ortiz having accumulated 602 plate appearances. That includes 75 walks, 3 hit-by-pitches and 6 sac flies. Sacrifice bunts also contribute to a player’s plate-appearances total.

Here are the 10 players for 2015 who would have fallen short of unlimited stature had our previous rules of 550 at-bats been in effect, but now are unlimited because they attained 600-plus plate appearances. (This list is unofficial.)

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