Few surprises in 2013 first-round selections

How’d the draft go, you ask?

Pretty much as expected, at least in terms of first-round talent. Thirteen of the 15 players identified in the mock draft actually were selected in the first round — only Jacob Turner and Will Middlebrooks (who were chosen in the second round as picks 18 and 29, respectively) failed to earn first-round money. Five players went exactly to the teams we predicted, when we predicted.

The mock draft accurately nailed the top 8 players who would be chosen, although the order was jumbled a tad. The unpredictable Margaritaville Volcanoes shook things up by going for a pitcher (Kris Medlen) instead of a hitter (Yeonis Cespedes), leading to a bit of a shell game among the first five picks. Iowa then smartly resisted temptation and snagged a couple of young starters (Matt Moore and Matt Harvey) instead of ace closers with picks 7 and 10, leaving the top closer (Fernando Rodney) for pennant-eyeing Hickory. South Grand Prairie eschewed a young starter in favor of a booming bat in Brandon Moss, signaling a possible intention to  play for the top of the division this season.

After Wisconsin and Savannah made predictable picks, Springfield pulled the surprise of the round, drafting young catcher Yasmani Grandal and almost immediately announcing it had buyer’s remorse. Sympathetic Phil Roselli swooped in, offering draft picks for Grandal, and the exchange was completed in the blink of an eye.

Later in the draft, Applegate took a self-imposed penalty in Round Seven, deferring on pick 104 until after the draft had concluded. The Clips had two pitchers exceed their pitching limits during the 2012 World Series (Sergio Santos by 2 innings and Greg Holland by two-thirds of an inning.)

Pick Team Mock Actual
1 Superior Bryce Harper Bryce Harper
2 Margaritaville Yeonis Cespedes Kris Medlen
3 Bushwood Kris Medlen Yu Darvish
4 Savannah Jarrod Parker Jarrod Parker
5 English Yu Darvish Yeonis Cespedes
6 Michigan Manny Machado Manny Machado
7 Iowa Fernando Rodney Matt Moore
8 Hickory Matt Moore Fernando Rodney
9 S. Grand Prairie Jacob Turner Brandon Moss
10 Iowa Ryan Cook Matt Harvey
11 Wisconsin Andrelton Simmons Andrelton Simmons
12 Savannah Adam LaRoche Adam LaRoche
13 Springfield* Matt Harvey Yasmani Grandal
14 Applegate Yasmani Grandal Ryan Cook
15 Chatfield Will Middlebrooks Adam Eaton

One Response

  1. Never intended to draft Grandal. I was driving to the arena when the pick was made but Mike did a great job communicating my desire to trade and of course Phil jumped in. Harvey would have been my choice had he been available.

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