Final fantasy standings offer 2013 preview

The final standings for our Yahoo and CBS fantasy leagues offer a glimpse into who might be looking at a successful 2013 campaign in the I-75 League.

The Wisconsin Warhawks rolled to victory in our Yahoo league, racking up 130 points, while the Hickory Nuts took home the prize in the CBS fantasy league with 9994 points. Interestingly, both of those teams finished eighth (or tied for seventh) in the opposite league.

Why the difference? Well, we’re not sure. One factor is that the CBS league counted stats for all of your players, whereas Yahoo had a limit and you needed to manage your squad as players came up from the minors or off the disabled list. So CBS teams with a lot of depth (active and productive major leaguers) benefited. The CBS league also counted all kinds of esoteric stat categories that Yahoo doesn’t bother with.

Bismarck, for example, finished second in the Yahoo league, but 11th in the CBS league. That same depth that can help you can also kill you in the CBS league if your bench guys who are excluded from scoring in Yahoo are putting up donuts in your CBS league.

Three of the four expansion teams, with very full rosters, finished 2-4 in the CBS league, but no better than seventh in the Yahoo league. Bushwood, Superior and Savannah finished 3-4-5 in the Yahoo league, and 6-5-7 in the CBS league.

Applegate managed to take home ninth place in both leagues. Margaritaville notched a sixth and a 10th.

And of course, if your players just plain stink it up, there’s no fantasy scoring system in the world that will reward you for that. Finishing in the bottom four in both leagues were South Grand Prairie, Springfield, English and Chatfield. (A fictitious Detroit team also appears in the bottom of the CBS standings.) It must be noted, though, that Springfield returns with its dominant pitching staff (second in WHIP) and Chatfield still did well in the key categories of OBP and WHIP (fifth in each).


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