Draft countdown: 7 days remaining

As 2012 draft fever builds, we reach into the archives for this photo of what appears to be the winning team in one of our annual softball clashes. Can you name the team members — and the year???



8 Responses

  1. 1993?

  2. Let’s see:

    – Steve Hart
    – Mike Wilson
    – Ken Kuzdak
    – Dancin’ Joe Jansen – Would love to see him try that catcher’s squat these days.
    – Dan Wilson
    – David Hart

    Musta been around 1994, that’s my guess at least.

  3. Excellent photo and what a talented softball team that is. Wonder who was responsible for drafting the squad. They probably won the I-75 title the following season.

    Not sure of the year, but I believe it was one of our first Royal Palm Bay drafts. I know who those six guys are but will wait to see if someone can ID them.

    Gopher Dave

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