Presenting YOUR 2012 mock draft

With less than two weeks to go before the 33rd I-75 League convention, we fire up the mock drafting ovens one more time to see what delights are being cooked up for the first round when we gather in Kissimmee the first weekend in March.

What’s diferent about this mock draft? Well… this is the draft that you, yourself, mocked. Not me. Though I did jump in when some people were unsure, tight-lipped or attempting a bit of sleight of hand. That’s right — these are YOUR mock draft picks, so if they prove to be a total disaster, you have no one to blame but yourselves. With apologies to Bud Light, here we go…

1. Alex Avila, C, Detroit, to Michigan. Ken Crawford resolves the Pineda-or-Trout debate his own way, as the Tiger catcher gives Michigan the hometown discount.

2. Eric Hosmer, 1B, Kansas City, to Springfield. Isotopes might have the best 1-2-3 starters in league history; have great fielders everywhere, and are looking for an offensive boost. Alex Gordon would certainly deliver that, but Hosmer has youth on his side.

3. Mike Trout, OF, Anaheim, to English. Expansion franchise + five-tool prospect = perfect match.

4. Michael Pineda, SP, N.Y. Yankees, to English. The Pigdogs may be tempted by other young hitting studs but in the end they’ll realize this is the smart move to make.

5. Brett Lawrie, 3B, Toronto, to Iowa. Sit back down, Dustin Ackley. The Cyclones are looking to fill an AB problem at the hot corner. Even though they already have the game’s other top 3B prospect, Pedro Alvarez, manning the position, they’ll deal with the future in the future.

6. Doug Fister, SP, Detroit, to Bismarck. The captain of the Bombers adheres to the loose-lips-sink-ships theory, but we are surmising that the opportunity to land a Tigers ace will be too much to overcome. Unless the captain is bitten by the Jesus Montero bug.

7. Yonder Alonso, 1B, San Diego, to Satellite Beach. Love Yonder Alonso, but love him more than Dustin Ackley, Freddie Freeman, Jesus Montero or Alex Gordon? That may be a tough call with no wrong answer.

8. Jesus Montero, DH, Seattle, to Margaritaville. Alex Gordon is also tempting here too, as if their lineup isn’t tough enough, but Volcanoes tend to make sure they get future talent with their first-round picks.

9. Alex Gordon, LF, Kansas City, to Chatfield. Life isn’t fair when the best full-time hitting card available drops to the ninth spot to a team already loaded with offense.

10. Craig Kimbrell, RP, Atlanta, to Applegate. Paperclips always prioritize a strong bullpen, and with Neftali Felix headed to the rotation in 2013 and Andrew Bailey coming off a 40-inning season, Kimbrell provides closer help this year and beyond.

11. Desmond Jennings, OF, Tampa Bay, to Margaritaville. After Jose Bautista, the Volcanoes need some AB help to support Carlos Gonzalez and Grady Sizemore; Jennings is the best prospect available in that category.

12. Allen Craig, OF, St. Louis, to Wisconsin. Two hundred quality at-bats will be useful as a DH, pinch-hitter or extra outfielder on a team with few needs.

13. Dustin Ackley, 2B, Seattle, to Hickory. So you trade away Dustin Pedroia, leaving a total void at second base in a weak year at that position, and 12 teams picking ahead of you avoid the best prospect there like the plague, enabling him to fall into your lap. But at this rate, the Nuts’ rotation will be Felix Hernandez, Jeremy Hellickson and three complete prayers.

14. Erick Aybar, SS, Anaheim, to Bushwood. Gophers are looking to a future that has Hanley Ramirez playing third base for the Miami Marlins.

15. Brandon Beachy, SP, Atlanta, to Superior. Titans have enough offense and Beachy is the next-best young starting pitching option; will help share fifth-starter role with Jake Peavy.

That’s as far as we’re going. Want to mock the supplemental picks, 16-19? (Satellite Beach, Iowa, Savannah and Michigan?) You may do so in the comments below… Let’s draft!


9 Responses

  1. […] The exciting first round held largely to form from an overall standpoint, with 13 of the 15 players being accurately forecast as first-rounders. Only Mike Moustakas (to Hickory) and Jason Kipnis (to Michigan) strayed from the mock draft prediction. […]

  2. You never know indeed my friends…

  3. As Joaquin Andujar said, “There is one word in America that says it all, and that one word is ‘you never know’.”

  4. Gary:

    Nice job on the mock draft, as always. Interesting stuff. I agree with the placement of most of the selections. In my opinion the two real head-scratchers on the list are Alex Gordon (too low) and Yonder Alonso (too high).

    And, of course, the question of who goes No. 1 is open for debate. Between Avila and Trout, you can’t really go wrong. I wonder which way the Moneyballers are leaning in their heart of hearts, or if there is a trade in the works.

    Gopher Dave

  5. Very, very interesting. So much for my drafting Desmond Jennings (sigh).

    • Steve:
      Don’t give up on Desmond just yet. Sometimes, these mock drafts are not 100 percent accurate.

  6. Hickory’s team in 2012 will bring back a quote that John McKay made after his Buccaneers lost again. Post game interview went something like this:

    Reporter: What do you think of your team’s execution?
    McKay: I think it is a good idea…..

    • ARRRRGH MATEY! Pass the Captain Morgan’s! Thanks for the mock draft…Gary. The ATL closer will have walked the plank into the briney sea before pick #10. Bet ya my eye my eye patch.

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