Start prepping today with the Ultimate I-75 Draft Toolkit!

No need to wait for those player ratings from SOM in January. You can get started on preparing for the March draft right now, with the Ultimate Draft Toolkit, already bundled up, customized and personalized.

Use this toolkit to:

* Analyze free agents, with real life 2011 stats, age and Strat fielding ratings
* See at-a-glance how your team offense and pitching looks
* Check out how your club compares to others in the league
* Get real-life 2011 stats for your players: Overall, vs. righty and vs. lefty

The stats come courtesy of the Strat Fan Forum, and were shared publicly by a contributor named Bryan. We’ve taken them and tweaked them slightly, adding OPS columns for hitters, then adding in players’ I-75 League affiliation and sorting by those teams.

Within each team, hitters are sorted alphabetically; pitchers are grouped by starters and relievers, then starters are sorted by lowest opponent batting average.

So at a glance, rosters come to life, and you learn things such as:

* Hickory only has one starting pitcher
* Springfield has an awesome starting pitching staff
* Michigan has an all-1 infield and center fielder
* And much much more!

Use the toolkit to scope out trading partners or draft strategies. One word of caution: Computer-only players who will not be carded are also included in the toolkit; I did not take the time to carve them out one-by-one.

Please do not manipulate the shared Google doc version of this; don’t apply colors, or move your players around, or update it with trades — we will rewrite the document with updates periodically. If you want a version to manipulate, watch your e-mail for a spreadsheet you can monkey with.

Let’s draft!


3 Responses

  1. Bravo Gary!

  2. WOW! That doc really is the ultimate. A mother-lode of great information. Every stat you could imagine, collated team by team — and even the ages of all players. Many thanks to Gary.

    • How can one man do so much…I don’t know! I still have trouble turning on my PC!! Thank you Gary

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