What’s your MVPQ? Wisconsin, Springfield have gobs of it

Let’s throw another barometer out there for measuring the anticipated competitiveness of clubs in the 2012 I-75 Strat League.

Let’s take the two recently concluded MVP votes and apply them to players currently on I-75 League rosters to determine everyone’s MVP quotient. What do we learn?

Wisconsin and Springfield are stacked.

The Warhawks boast Ryan Braun, NL MVP, who collected 388 points in voting, as well as 229 for Prince Fielder, third in the NL. Four more Warhawks earned votes: Roy Halladay (52) and Carlos Beltran (3) in the NL, and Robinson Cano (112) and Paul Konerko (11) in the AL. That’s a total of 795 votes.

Springfield came up just short of that at 788 votes, but it had eight players represented, one more than Wisconsin, and that doesn’t count Mark Teixeira, who got five votes but was let loose in the expansion draft. Springfield’s cause is led by AL MVP Justin Verlander (280) and NL runner-up Matt Kemp (332).  But then there is seemingly the rest of the Isotopes’ protected list too: Michael Young (96), Clayton Kershaw (29), Ian Kinsler (25), Shane Victorino,  James Shields (7) and Carlos Ruiz (1).

Applegate ranks third at 498, with a 2-4 finish in the AL for Jacoby Ellsbury (242) and Curtis Granderson (215) and NL points from Jose Reyes (31) and Hunter Pence (10).

Here’s how the rest of the league ranks:

4. Margaritaville, 373:  Jose Bautista (231), Joey Votto (135), Victor Martinez (7).

5. Satellite Beach, 214: Justin Upton (214).

6. Superior, 197 : Miguel Cabrera (193), Asdrubal Cabrera (4).

7. Bushwood, 174: Albert Pujols (166), Pablo Sandoval (7), Joey Hamilton (1).

8. Chatfield, 161: Lance Berkman (118), Ian Kennedy (16), Evan Longoria (27).

9. Hickory, 117: Troy Tulowitzki (69), Dustin Pedroia (48).

10. Bismarck, 107: Adrian Gonzalez (105), Miguel Montero (2).

11: Iowa, 44: Ryan Howard (39), Mark Teixeira (5).

12. Savannah, 27: Cliff Lee (12), CC Sabathia (10), Michael Morse (5).

13. Michigan, 23: Adrian Beltre (9), Ben Zobrist (7), John Axford (7).

14. English, 3: Yadier Molina (2), Starlin Castro (1).

15. South Grand Prairie, 1: Mike Stanton (1).

There are four players who received MVP votes who are free agents and eligible to be taken in the March draft: Alex Avila (13), Alex Gordon (3), David Robertson (1) and Craig Kimbrell (1).


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  1. Very interesting study — thanks for the legwork, Gary. How ’bout those Isotopes with 1 MVP, 1 MVP runner-up and both Cy Young winners — impressive!

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