Demo Dogs dispersed to four expansion teams

Justin Upton was the first selection of the Detroit Demo Dogs dispersal draft, chosen by Steve Nieroda’s Satellite Beach Brawlers.

In a draft that moved at lightning pace and was over by 8:06 p.m. ET, the four new clubs took turns snapping up the best goods available at Detroit’s yard sale.

Rick Lackey’s English Pig Dogs chose to build up the middle, grabbing SS Starlin Castro, C Yadier Molina and 2B Neil Walker.

Iowa’s John Renbarger went for pitching, grabbing Tim Lincecum and Ricky Romero, and then finding slugger Ryan Howard still available at No. 10.

Michigan’s Ken Crawford built up a solid left side of the infield by claiming Adrian Beltre and J.J. Hardy, along with starting pitcher Tommy Hanson.

Complementing Upton in Satellite Beach are P Ervin Santana and C Wilson Ramos.

Here’s how the draft went, pick-by-pick:

1. Satellite Beach: Justin Upton
2. Iowa: Tim Lincecum
3. English: Starlin Castro
4. Michigan: Adrian Beltre
5. Michigan: Tommy Hanson
6. English: Yadier Molina
7. Iowa: Ricky Romero
8. Satellite Beach: Ervin Santana
9. Satellite Beach: Wilson Ramos
10. Iowa: Ryan Howard
11. English: Neil Walker
12. Michigan: J.J. Hardy


4 Responses

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  2. Looks like the draft went great and FAST! Sorry the Warhawks missed the action….

    Glad to see all the new teams get some good talent….and now in true Kenny fashion, LET’S DRAFT! And I’ll offer up multiple draft picks for Castro….. 🙂 I can already feel the South Florida heat and hear the sounds of spring training!

  3. Never mind — i figured it out and got the link to work.

  4. Thanks for the post…FYI: clicked on the link and it did not work.

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