Ties at the top of both divisions with 60 to play

Update, 10:50 p.m.: Wisconsin engineered a 10-player deal with Savannah to strengthen its playoff push, plucking a pair of 1-rated fielders for the left side of its infield and fortifying its bullpen. It was one of four deals consummated in the four-hour marathon trading session — none involving Margaritaville or Chatfield.  Trade deadline recap here.

Nearly lost in the buzz about trade deadlines and expansion formats is the fact that we have exciting races in both divisions with 60 games to play.

Wisconsin and Margaritaville are tied atop the South Division with 53 wins each, while Hickory, Superior and Bushwood are engaged in a three-way headlock atop the North Division.

Wisconsin got a first-hand look at the Northerners’ might in July, going 3-7 against Hickory and Superior en route to a 7-13 month. That included just one win in a head-to-head battle with Margaritaville.

Superior was the big winner on the month, racking up 14 wins. The balance of power has resulted in the oddity in which the last-place team in the South (Detroit, with 41 wins) is closer to first place in its division (12 games behind) than the fourth-place team in the North (Springfield, with 49 wins) is to third (15 games behind).

Hickory, Bushwood and Margaritaville have swung deals to bolster their playoff stock. What else could happen as we count down the final hours until rosters are locked until the end of the regular season?


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