Tope Dope for April

A staple of league newsletters in the 1980s and ’90s, team notes are back! If you have team notes you’d like to submit for your club each month, e-mail Gary

TOPE DOPE: After a brutal March, King Felix is now 4-2 and dropped his ERA to 5.37, nearly two runs better than March but second worst on the team… Chad Billingsley will get a month off at the French Riviera so the Topes will likely finish 4-16 this month starting three lefties… 39 steals now, 7 by Dr. Choo to lead the team… First-rounder Brett Gardner has just five swipes, but batting .200 might have something to do with that… The good Dr. leads the ‘Topes with 25 rbi and shares the top HR lead with Justin Morneau, whose 77 ABs have yielded a .390 average plus 19 walks… Then there’s rookie DH Chris Johnson, saddled with a .157 average, and fan favorite Orlando Hudson, whose glove sparkles while his batting average is a dull .141… In (hopefully) some Strat foreshadowing, Alexi Ogando’s era was .0.96 with a WHIP just under 1.00 and 12 Ks in 9.1 innings… Ian Kinsler would be mad if I didn’t mention his .365 BA. There you go, Ian.

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