Who, when, where and what’s missing

Time for a little photo trivia! In the comments section below, see if you can A) identify all of the people in the photos, B) tell me when and where the photo was taken, and C) identify what’s different about the two shots.

Group photo from a past convention

Look closely! Where’s Waldo?

Group photo from a past convention. Name those managers!

10 Responses

  1. It was in Kissimmee on the field adjacent to where girls softball teams were practicing and a blimp was landing. Jerry Yurko and Steve Bizek switched places. Larry Pittman no longer is holding a softball. A young lady affiliated with a softball team took the shots. Also, that’s the year I forced Jerry Yurko to turn his baseball cap around (he was wearing it backwards, if you can believe that).

  2. I do remember the photographer…looks like a Reddington Beach game. I’ll hang up now and listen to your comments.

  3. Aaaah to be young again in the early ’80’s and playing a full softall game in March in Fla. Nice tan on the hunk in the Texas Ranger hat.

  4. Thanks, Gary. Love those vintage convention shots. I naturally remember every last detail of this photo, including who took it, but I will allow others to first make their guesses and let the suspense build for a day or two.

    • I’m not sure where it was taken, but I do imagine that the Village People wonder how you wound up with one of their publicity photos. I’m sure their attorney will be in touch.

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