Predicting the playoff teams — for 2011

With the completion of the regular season, the final Yahoo! fantasy league standings give us a potential glimpse into the future. While it’s very true that fantasy value and Strat success are not necessarily a strong correlation, the standings do give a glimpse into returning talent.

The Bismark Bombers finished first in the standings with 124 points, racking up a strong showing offensively and in the pitching columns. The Bombers were No. 1 in ERA and tied for first in WHIP. Offensively they were second in batting average, third in slugging and fourth in on-base percentage.

In the North Division they finished 24.5 points ahead of Superior, which finished fourth overall.

Margaritaville looks like it will rebound strongly in the South Division. On pace to finish with the league’s worst record this year, they will be favored to win the division next season, finishing first in homers, second in slugging, third in on-base; meanwhile, finishing third in WHIP as well.

So, taking the final 2010 Yahoo! standings and reordering them by division, the predicted playoff teams in bold would be:

North Division
1. Bismarck 124
2. Superior 99.5
3. Bushwood 90
4. Springfield 79.5
5. Tropical 75.5
6. Hickory 68

South Division
1. Margaritaville 115
2. Wisconsin 105
3. Savannah 90
4. Applegate 63.5
5. Detroit 57
6. South Grand Prairie 51.5


5 Responses

  1. The Hawks struggled down the finish this year and hoping that next year has a different outcome. It’s exciting to see another possible playoff appearance from the Warhawks, but here’s hoping that with some offseason trades (maybe) and a good draft, they can take home their first division title.

    Although, Margaritaville looks very tough with a lot of power offensively and some great numbers for the pitching staff. And if Savannah is anywhere as good as they were this year, that means the playoff push will be very tight and very exciting.

    Here’s hoping for a great playoff this year and great job to all on another fantastic Strat season!!

  2. So there’s nothing to look forward to then next year?

  3. And by the way — congrats to Bismarck Mgr. Steve Bizek on claiming the Yahoo title. The Bombers will be loaded in 2011.

  4. Gophers projected to climb from fourth (as of now) to third in the Northbound is probably a sound forecast.

    Gophers’ retention outlook is not great but not horrible. At least I will be able to get to the magic number of 17 without straining at all this year, unlike last year.

    Most of my core hitters fared worse in 2010 than they did in 2009, including the Big Three of Pujols, Hanley and Utley. But Thome and Delmon Young will be markedly better for the 2011 Gophers.

    Pitching-wise, I will start off with three decent 200-inning starters next year (Hudson, Kuroda and CJ Wilson), as opposed to zero this year, which is a huge plus. And I will have two solid closers in the fold (Soriano and B.Wilson).

  5. I am not sure I will finish that high in the standings next year!

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