North shuffles and tightens; Detroit hurdles SGP in South

One month ago as we analyzed the August schedule, we warned:

Will Springfield come back to the pack in August? Possibly: The Isotopes face a schedule showing three 50-win opponents, plus Bismarck, coming off a 13-7  month.

That proved to be prophetic as the then-first-place Isotopes had their worst month of the season, going 7-13 one month after going 14-6, and falling out of first place.

Your new South Division leader: The Hickory Nuts, one of three teams in the league to post 12-8 marks in August as the league’s top record.

Springfield is just one game off the pace though, and Tropical two back, in a terrific three-way race. Bosh-wood — er, Bushwood — is six games back and not throwing in the towel, especially now with Stephen Strasburg less attractive as the No. 1 overall pick.

Over in the South Division, Savannah and Wisconsin were the other two teams to go 12-8, and thus the Scorpions maintained their hair-thin one-game lead. But making a move into playoff position were the Detroit Demolition Dogs, who finally have overtaken the South Grand Prairie Warriors for third place, but by the margin of just one game.

The September schedule affords Tropical a chance to makes its move, with only Wisconsin (at home) on the docket as a foe with a winning record.

Detroit’s position as a playoff team could be short-lived, alas, as the Demo Dogs face a murderous September schedule of Tropical, Springfield, Hickory and Savannah — all with 65 wins or more.


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  1. The Demolition Dogs will take a bite out of the teams they face in Sept. Look out! Tiny Tim is ready to shine, pumped up with chocolate donuts and beer, the Dog’s clubhouse staples.

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