All or nothing for this year’s Gophers

From Dave Renbarger:

The Gophers are proud to announce that six of our players have earned All-Star recognition:  1B Albert Pujols; 2B Chase Utley (injured); SS Hanley Ramirez; 3B Scott Rolen; SP Tim Hudson; and RP Brian Wilson. 

This total no doubt will be surpassed by numerous teams in our league, but here is another stat that could be unmatched:

A total of 12 Gophers are currently on the disabled list or in the minors, meaning that 37.5 percent of Bushwood’s 32-man roster was not active on the Fourth of July.

The rundown:

DL GUYS (10)

SP Erik Bedard (almost ready to make 2010 debut)

SP Rich Harden (due back in late July)

SP John Maine (no idea when/if he will rejoin Mets)

SP Edinson Volquez (almost ready to make 2010 debut)

RP Matt Palmer (who knows; who cares?)

2B Chase Utley (back in mid-August at the earliest)

INF Maicer Izturis (still several weeks away from return)

OF Ryan Ludwick (due to return after All-Star break)

OF Will Venable (due to return after All-Star break)

OF Luke Scott (due to return after All-Star break)


SP Rick Porcello (with the Mud Hens after pitching way out of Detroit)

C  Taylor Teagarden (toiling away at AA Frisco after going 1-for-27 with the Rangers and incredibly finishing fourth in the AL All-Star voting)

All in all, however, the Gophers potential retention list for 2011 is not shaping up to be quite as brutal as the one we posted for 2010.  It just includes too many relievers and not enough quality starters and outfielders.

And to think the Gophers braintrust was so elated after landing starters Porcello and Scott Feldman in the first two rounds of the draft last March…


3 Responses

  1. Gophers DL update:

    Two more Bushwood starters turned up on the DL Tuesday: Aaron Harang with back spasms and Kevin Millwood with sore forearm.

    Then came the news the Erik Bedard, slated to make his first start in more than a year for the Mariners on Tuesday, has come down with an inflamed shoulder yet again and will not be activated.

    Updated total of idle Gophers is 14 overall (12 on DL and two in the minors), including eight pitchers.

  2. “Official” count for the Volcanoes is 7:
    David Wright, Vlad Guerrero, Cliff Lee, Joakim Soria, Matt Thornton, Victor Martinez and Elvis Andrus.

    We’re still hopeful that Carlos Gonzalez can win the write-in vote to make it 8 “official.”

    However, if Michael Bourn (.678 ops) is an All-Star, than so I, so we’ll up the Volcano count to 8 (and 9 if CarGo makes it).

  3. Detroit Demolition Dogs find 7 players on the All-Star team this year. Good to see Brandon Phillips and Beltre get some props as well as Valverde.

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