Top players, and who has ’em

OK, the  Yahoo player ranking is far from a perfect system for our purposes; its fantasy bent gives undue weight to things like saves and steals when putting in a Strat context. But it is interesting to see from a relative standpoint who has the most players who are off to great starts as we draw near the season’s midpoint.

Here’s Yahoo’s Top 30 ranked fantasy players, and who owns their rights in the I-75 league.

1. P Ubaldo Jimenez (SUP)
2. 1B Miguel Cabrera (SUP)
3. 2B Robinson Cano (WIS)
4. OF Josh Hamilton (TROP)
5. P Adam Wainwright (BSK)
6. OF Carl Crawford (BSK)
7. P Josh Johnson (SAV)
8. OF Alex Rios (WIS)
9. OF Vladimir Guerrero (MARG)
10. 1B Kevin Youkilis (TROP)
11. 3B Evan Longoria (TROP)
12. 1B Justin Morneau (SPR)
13. P Roy Halladay (WISC)
14. 1B Albert Pujols (BUSH)
15. OF Ryan Braun (WIS)
16. 1B Joey Votto (SAV)
17. 3B David Wright (MARG)
18. OF Torii Hunter (BSK)
19.  P Matt Cain (TROP)
20. 1B Adrian Gonzalez (BSK)
21. 1B Paul Konerko (WIS)
22. OF Maglio Ordonez (DET)
23. P Colby Lewis (FA)
24. OF Andrew McCutchen (BSK)
25. P Jered Weaver (WIS)
26. OF Chris Young (DET)
27. 1B Ryan Howard (DET)
28. 2B Martin Prado (WIS)
29. P Billy Wagner (FA)
30. P Cliff Lee (MARG)

Add ’em all up and you get:
Wisconsin 7, Bismarck 5, Tropical 4, Margaritaville 3, Detroit 3, Superior 2, Savannah 2, Springfield 1, Bushwood 1.
Not on the board: Applegate, South Grand Prairie and Hickory

Lewis and Wagner are draft-eligible.


One Response

  1. Jason Heyward isn’t listed? Proof positive that Yahoo and Strat are not exactly two peas in the pod. Strasburg is also obvious an enornous fantasy acquisition for the rest of the season, but doesn’t qualify yet for Yahoo.

    That said, Heat is quite proud of Mssrs. Hamilton, Youkilis, Longoria and Cain. And we’re fairly certain Liriano, Zobrist and Soto will continue surging in the second half.

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