Eyewitness report: Stephen Strasburg

OK, so I got my first firsthand observation of Stephen Strasburg Friday night, checking out his second start at Nationals Park as he took the mound against the Chicago White Sox.

He’s pretty amazing.

The guy can throw, like, four pitches for strikes. Besides his blazing fastball, he’s got this changeup that somehow manages to drop like a slider. The ChiSox got four hits off of him in seven innings, but three of them were cheap — infield single and bloop double in the first that led to their only run off him; then right-hitting Gavin Floyd swung late and hit a liner down the first-base line that I still think was foul.

He retired 15 in a row at one point, nine of them on strikeouts. He struck out 10 and walked nobody.  He threw 85 pitches, 59 for strikes!

Although there were 40,000 people in the park, the atmosphere was nothing like that of his debut. Fans would get into it when he had two strikes and start cheering for a strikeout, but it wasn’t persistent. And with the Nationals offense stagnant against Floyd, that dampened enthusiasm as well.

Nothing  like watching a Fidrych game in 1976, alas.

Strasburg now owns the major league record for most strikeouts in his first three starts, with 32.


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  1. Thanks for the report. I am a bit surprised that the atmsophere wasn’t better for his second start at home, especially considering how well he did in his first two starts.

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