New feature added: Rule proposal tracker

Not sure what prompted Steve Hart’s all-caps rule proposal delivered by e-mail, but this is one thing that a Web site can do quite handily: Track ongoing discussion over a long period of time and tally up a count of opinions.

Thus, our 2011 Rule Proposal tracker is born. Whether you weigh in via e-mail, or by commenting on that page or this blog post, we’ll tally up the straw votes as they occur.

And if you’ve got a rule proposal for 2011, let us know too.

Hey, who remembers when we’re supposed to realign divisions?


4 Responses

  1. […] to pinch-hit or pinch-run once the offensive manager has tried for a lead. As Dave Renbarger pointed out, this used to be a league rule, later erased because there was no Strat prohibition against it. But […]

  2. Sorry for the all caps. I cut and pasted the proposal from another mananger in another league. Sorry for those who thought I was shouting at them.

    I’d like to see us go with pitch counts. Currently, a situational lefty or short reliever can pitch for a significantly longer duration than in “real life” if they are effective. Trevor Miller for instance, would seldom pitch to more than a batter or two in MLB.

    • On the pitch count issue, I would probably vote no. Admittedly, I am not totally familiar with how the pitch count feature works, but I don’t feel the need for us to use all relievers in Strat exactly the way they were used in real life.

      I would rather give the Strat manager some leeway to use relievers as he sees fit.

      We made a concession to realism years ago when we adopted the closer rule, but I don’t really see the need to impose similar usage restrictions on other relievers.

  3. We realign our divisions every four years by random drawing. This is the third year of our current alignment. We will realign again for the 2012 season. Memory aid: We realign during presidential election years (or Summer Olympic years, if you prefer).

    Thanks to Gary for the rule proposal tracker.

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