Draft pick trades: Who came out on top?

Let’s look back at those offseason trades for draft picks, and put some names to the numbers.

Dec. 16, 2009: Margaritaville sends C John Baker to Savannah for pick No. 71 (became Casey McGehee).

Jan. 2, 2010: Savannah sends P Tim Lincecum, OF David DeJesus and pick No. 23 to Detroit for P Josh Beckett, OF Ichiro Suzuki and picks No. 42 and 162. This one’s complicated because picks were later re-dealt.

March 2, 2010: Margaritaville sends Ichiro Suzuki, Jered Weaver and pick No. 45 (became Cody Ross) to Wisconsin for Adam Dunn and pick Nos. 4 (became Matt Wieters), 15 (became Elvis Andrus) and 63 (became Joe Blanton).

March 3, 2010: Tropical sends Mariano Rivera and pick Nos. 1 (became Chris Carpenter) and 19 (became Marcu Scutaro) to Springfield for Adam Jones and pick Nos. 3 (became Ben Zobrist), 16 (became Brad Bergeson), 28 (became Michael Bourn) and 64 (became Jason Frasor).

March 5, 2010: Applegate sends pick Nos. 2 (became Tommy Hanson), 149 (became Kris Medlen) and 161 (became Brayan Pena) to Detroit for picks 7 (became Andrew Bailey), 23 (became Wade Davis) and 30 (became Brian Bannister).

March 6, 2010: Detroit sends its No. 18 pick (became Michael Cuddyer) and reliever George Sherrill to Savannah for its No. 11 pick (became Joel Pineiro).

Thoughts on who got away with a steal?


6 Responses

  1. I thought the Heat-Topes trade was the rare good one for both teams. Tropical had no viable OFs entering the season, and by dealing Rivera and the rights to Carpenter, ended up with an entire outfield (Bourn, Jones, Zobrist) of young players with various levels of upside. Springfield, utterly determined to compete this season with some nice pieces already in play get a quality closer (who seems quite spry for 51) and the best pitching card this side of lincecum.

    I do not have the faith in long-term acquisitions as Grid does … Rasmus, Wieters, McGahee may become really good players in the long run, but they don’t offer a tremendous current value. (Yes, I know they’ve had a good first 15 games … I’ll be more charitable when I see the stats on Aug. 1). At some point you have to be able to currently compete. Both Springfield and Tropical can right now … at least approaching the 40-game mark. I’m content with that.

    • Time is the ultimate arbiter of any draft decision. Volcano fans are happy with the returns so far. In particular we like the development major league managers have seen in Margaritaville’s players. Rasmus started the season batting 6th for the Cardinals, and has now moved into the cleanup spot behind Pujols. Gonzalez started the season batting leadoff for the Rockies, and has now moved into the #3 spot. Wieters started the season batting #6 for the Orioles, and has now also moved into the #3 spot. Andrus started batting #8 for the Rangers, and has moved into the leadoff position for them.

      Nothing has happened so far to dim Margaritaville’s enthusiasm for its first four draftees, and if we get contributions from later picks like Weeks, Barton or McGehee that’s just icing on the cake.

  2. Nice thread by Gary.

    I give Kenny huge props for landing Lincecum (best pitcher in Strat by a mile) and Hanson.

    Grid gets big props for getting Wieters and Andrus in the same deal to jump-start his rebuilding.

    Granted, Jamie did get a nice return, but the Rivera-Carpenter tandem could well bring a title to Springfield this fall.

    Gopher Dave

  3. Casey McGee, so long as he maintains his 1.239 OPS start, is the steal of the draft.

    Steve Hart could have received Albert Pujols in return, and still gotten the short end of that deal.

  4. Tropical trading 51-year-old Rivera and rickety Carpenter and coming up with the haul they did is an absolute steal.

    Detroit got a great deal to end up with Hanson and Medlen. Missing out on Wade Davis is the only bad part of the deal for Detroit.

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