New online: Schedule, rosters, and yes, stats!

It ain’t the prettiest, but it does the job. We now have a Web site “annex,” located here, which will house our statistical assets. The site presently has links to our 2010 schedule, rosters, standings and 20-game stats.

Team and player names are clickable, and column headers are sortable in most cases. You can even get detailed individual player stats, like this breakdown for Applegate’s Adam Lind.

Sorry about the ads; can’t do anything about them.


5 Responses

  1. unf—ingbelieveable! good thing your over Escarrega…we would’ve missed out on your greatness…keep it coming…bring more!

  2. Well done, Gary! I like the ability to drill down on a team and then players. One question–OBFP?

  3. Looks awesome Gary! Excellent work! Thanks for putting it together too.

  4. This annex is awesome. I love it. Great work by Gary. Many thanks.

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