Wisconsin tops inaugural preseason Power Rankings

Play is underway for the 2010 regular season, the 31st in I-75 League history. But before we start separating the wheat from the chaff, let’s stick our neck out on the line with our first-ever Unofficial Preseason Power Rankings.

With the humiliation over our annual Mock Draft picks having worn off, we thought we’d pursue this new venture, and take a stab at predicting this year’s powerhouses, pushovers and fence-straddlers.

The following ratings are for entertainment purposes only — please, no wagering. They are based in large part on an evaluation of 10 key hitters and 6 key pitchers on each team using the Clips’ player rating formula, which in itself is biased toward players the Clips like to have given their ballpark and style of play. So it ain’t perfect.

Having said that… Wisconsin is going to kick our butts this year. Applegate’s evaluation shows the Warhawks have far and away the best offense in the league. Combine that with the third-best pitching and you’ve got a tandem that looks unbeatable, particularly in the South Division.

Coming in at No. 2 in the overall rankings is the expected North Division powerhouse, the Springfield Isotopes. Springfield flips the Wisconsin formula by racking up the best pitching staff, while tying for third with two other teams for best offense.  

Some things that you may, like me, find surprising in the rankings include Applegate’s lofty stature, Detroit’s mediocrity, and how far Bushwood has fallen. Read on for rankings.

Overall (value reflects total of hitting and pitching rankings):

1. Wisconsin 4 (South)
2. Springfield 5 (North)
3. Savannah 8 (South)
4. Hickory 9 (North)
5. Applegate 10 (South)
6. Superior 12.5 (North)
7. Detroit 13 (South)
8. Tropical 17 (North)
9. Bismarck 17.5 (North)
10. (tie) Bushwood 18 (North)
        (tie) South Grand Prairie 18 (South)
12. Margaritaville 24 (South)

Hitting (value reflects assessment of top 10 hitters)
1. Wisconsin 134
2. Applegate 126
3. (tie) Hickory 123
     (tie) Savannah 123
     (tie) Springfield 123
6. (tie) Bismarck 121
     (tie) Superiod 121
8. Bushwood 120
9. Tropical 119
10. South Grand Prairie 118
11. Detroit 117
12. Margaritaville 116

Pitching (value reflects assessment of six top pitchers):
1. Springfield 52
2. Detroit 55
3. Wisconsin 56
4. Savannah 58
5. Hickory 59
6. Superior 61
7 (tie). Applegate 63
    (tie) South Grand Prairie 63
    (tie) Tropical 63
10. Bushwood 64
11. Bismarck 66
12. Margaritaville 72

Bottom line: The North Division looks fairly well determined, with Springfield and Hickory appearing to be divisional locks and Superior to be a fair distance ahead of an evenly-matched second tier of Tropical, Bismarck and Bushwood.

In the South, Wisconsin and Savannah are the creme de la creme, while South Grand Prairie and Margaritaville appear to be looking further down the road. Applegate and Detroit may be reprising their battle for the third and final playoff spot come October.


9 Responses

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  2. […] gonna be all that for 2010? Posted on 03/31/2010 by Gary Kicinski The draft is history, the preseason power rankings have been chewed over, and a month of baseball has been played. Tim Lincecum is on pace for 40 […]

  3. By the way don’t listen to that garbage about Cliff Lee being suspended for some meaningless action in a spring game.
    Lee was actually set down by Commissioner Selig for hitting three Isotopes in less than six innings work.

  4. The Clips stand by their Power Ranking and will gladly make a 32-for-32 trade with any team ranked above them in the rankings, especially 5-5 Wisconsin.

  5. Looks like the power rankings already need a revamp 15 games in, as the Gophers already have a 5 game lead over Superior for that third spot. Titans seem powerless in March to do much of anything.

  6. Very interesting. Thanks to Gary for the prognostications.

    The Gophers admittedly are retooling somewhat this season, but we stand behind our previously stated prediction of third place in the rugged Northbound Division, behind Springfield and Savannah.

    Bushwood was pleased to finish 10-5 in Arizona play (4-1 vs. Superior and 3-2 vs. Savannah and Detroit).

    The Scorps were also 10-5 in our little March Arizona round-robin, while the Titans and Dogs both were a disappointing 5-10.

    • Well, word has Margaritaville beating Wisconsin three out of five…so….

      • It’s not the same dramatic value as a #16 over a #1 in the NCAA brackets, but good fortune propelled the #12 ranked Volcanoes to a 3-2 series victory over the #1 ranked Wisconsin Warhawks.

        I feat that may be the highlight of the 2010 season for the Volcanoes.

    • Correction: Make that third in the Northbound behind Springfield and HICKORY for the Gophers.

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